Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Alfreda Ghee

Peel away your mask and show me who you really are
Let me into your world so I can explore your realms of diversity
Pour unto me your soul and let me rise into you
Seek from me all the desires of your wildest dreams
Follow me into the night and let me be your guiding light
Rain down on me what you have been wanting to remove from your spirit
Simply take of me what I have to give
Eat of my mind and lay in my dreams
Listen to my soul and taste my visions
Drink of my heart and smell my essence
Tell me what part of me have you not part taken of
And I will allow you to have it wholeheartedly
Walk with me so I can give you apart of my inner passions
And place them upon your chest
Simply come in out of the cold and let me warm thee
Listen to the beating of my heart and stroke it with your finger tips
Place your lips upon mine and share in this wine
Never leaving any scraps behind for another to find
My knowledge of you have been enhanced from your inner truths
Take a long look at me as you peel back my layers
And explore my realms 
While you fall in love with whom I am...

Senat Lovely Marie

What must one do,such a Devine specimen you are,she appears to love
you but let me present my case as she did.I breathe you with every
fiber in my being,I Smile with just the mention of your name,I look for
tomorrow as I live in our passionate emotions you've manage
to capture as they burst from hibernation,my soul has blossom wider
then all the flowers in any garden,as I encounter other souls,they can
smell the love seeping through my pores,I'm alive through you,I'm alive
because of you,I'm living only for you,wondering in my mind who's love is
greater mines or hers,feeling you deep within the follicles of my
hair,you've consumed all that is me in every possible way,the rhythm of
your heartbeat puts my soul at ease,your touch shatters every thought
of future loneliness,while providing Xrated comfort,passion so fierce that
words have not even been created to describe.your love has me living
life light as a peacock feather,but I must tread lightly because I know
she's in love with you as well,knowing what I feel it makes me wonder
who will be the better woman & let you go...........

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