Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Something About You............ Collaboration By; PoetauthorRoberto Denaro Styles and Alfreda Ghee

Don’t know what it is…….

Just something about you
Questioning myself
Wondering is this a dream
Or is this true…..
My heart has traveled a long road
As unload the empty spaces
Traces of me left here and there
But the moment our paths crossed
Boy……was I ill prepared
As my mind drifts
The sight of you
My heartbeat shifts
Beating to your drum roll
I just want to…..
Savor the flavor
Of your passionate kisses
Yes….you my sweet misses
Unexpectedly….you came along
Again I ask…..what is this…..
Hoping what I express
Doesn’t get misconstrued…..
Not one to play a game
Not one that believes in fairy tales
What is happening here
What is this……
I just want to caress you
I desire your sweetness
To taste you
The sweetness of your lips
Still….this is driving crazy
This is more than lust….
Still wondering….
Why am I feeling like this

Your are more to me than just
More than just your shapely folds
I can see you are a giver
Its as if….you fit my every mold
Never expected this to be…..
Why is this…..
That I feel such a connection
When I look at you……
As if I see my own reflection

Why is it……..
Why do I feel such a connection
You match my reflection
As you were brought forth to me
From the highs of heaven
Maybe I just need …
Talk to the reverend
Maybe I need therapy
Feeling like I’m love sick
Before you……
I felt lifeless…..
Many have extended there suggestive
But none them could match up to you
My hearts pounding at rapid speeds
It’s the warmth of your embrace I need
Maybe I’m wrong……
Your are the high note
To that endless love song
You are heart
You are my soul
You are my entity
A completion of me
Which makes we
Just trying to understand….
Why my heart is talking to my this way…..

Only time will tell……
I guess someday
Maybe I will understand…
What it is to be……

Just something about this
How we crossed paths
Divinely orchestrated

As if……this was meant to be…..

Or maybe it’s just me…….

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

Man I saw the stars that shined bright through your eyes
It could have been the moon light in your smile
It boggles my mind how you wonder through time and space
I can't seem to erase these visions of your face
My every thought and move I see your masculinity rolling from within your soul
Your muscles so firm and lean Hmmm hoping that all this is really what it seems

Looking at you I see something different coming from you
It moves me to want to love you 
Like you have never been loved before
Show me how to get that key to your inner door
If crossing your path was the divine way of getting me to open my eye to this wonderful surprise
Then let me in and we can both win

You have something that I can't seem to put into words
It stirs my inner being and moves me to my core
Im not sure where this road leads for you and I but until now I have never tried
Can you see what I see behind your eyes
You have a soul that pure like gold
Im sure that you have been told this many times before
But rest a sure that this time its going to be much much more

No more waiting no more wasting time
You will be my beginning
You are my divinity
You are my strength
You are the light that shines from me
Which makes me understand why my heart beats so fast 
Now I understand why the circle of life is always beginning and never ending 
Because our love will always stand true!!!!

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