Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aching Tears...

I can't leave
my tears of a broken heart
behind to stand the test of time
carrying the burden
of the weight of sorrow
in my eyes
is  like death
sitting on the the edge of the seat
with mildew lying under the cushion
of my heart beat
thump thump
goes the echoing of the wild

sounds ringing in the back ground of my mind
hiding, scurrying, flopping, and
dropping bombs like its World War III
leaving shrapnel riddled in my body
from C4 exploding at my front door
tears run down like the rains
falling in the tropical forest
when it's the rainy season
body limp, dried, hard and sore
can't take this torture
any more
eyes falling down
closing, closing, closing
darting from side to side
rolling around in my head
they want to scream out
take me from this insanity
deliver me from these burning flames
i'm seeing in this underworld
no sleep will my seeing eyes get

the tears lie in wait to steal
just one moment to be free
of the desolate pit that waits
 for them to drip on in...

Friday, October 12, 2012


My mind wonders
as you transcend my transgressions
feeling my lips and mouth with your words
spitting, expelling, translucent whispers
of lustful incantations of our desires
singing in the winds
across my body they are laid
with moisture, soaked hands
that rubs every inch of my bliss

My body flutters
at the touch of your voice
coursing the outer stretches
of my curvaceous hips and thighs
speaking magical spells
of fire rising, burning and boiling
while chills of warmth fondles
my inner fountain of exaltation
kneeling, spilling, wetness freely

Eyes awakening with pleasure
screaming, yelling anarchy
release me from you grasp
teasing, pleasing, stripping them
of their ability to see
what is there
making reality no more
sensing time has slowed
so all will be enjoyed
 just a little bit longer and more....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brutally Beloved

*Collaboration b/w Soul Quest (Justin Toney) and Alfreda Ghee*

Soul Quest 

The blood on my bruised knuckles seems foreign,
I don’t know why you lay limp on the floor. 
I…I blacked out…
oh my God, it happened again.
Did my fists become your attackers? 
I just burn up inside so much it explodes,
having flashbacks of bombs gunfire death.
My grizzly rage freaks out when I’m traumatically stressed.

I view you as the enemy,
I’m just protecting my camp, as I was trained.
You charged and screamed at me, marking my face with scars,
so tackled you onto the living room glass table,
then I planted my own pain upon you.
I..I’m so sorry baby, 
I didn’t take my medicine today,
that fifth of brandy is drained to bottom.
You know they fired me at the factory 7 months ago, 
and no one wants to hire screwed up Iraq war vet.
I know you look at me like I’m crazy. 

Why does fear and hate mask your face?
Don’t you know I love you woman?
What? You going to leave me
after all I sacrificed ?
I traded my friends, my family, my career, my life...
Baby get up, come over here. 
I said bring yo a…see you’re testing my nerves.
That’s why I talk with my hands, because you shut down my words.

Alfreda Ghee

Coming to lying on the floor
Eyes half closed, lips burst and swollen
My body sore
This can't be happening again
Not now
Why me Lord
Why Oh Why Me
What the heck am I doing down this road again

The skin under my nails
Falling from the palms of my hands
I should have plucked your eyes out one by one
Grabbed the gun and put one in your head
Silly me, I forgot we tossed it
Wooden bat beating you across your back
So hard it split in two
Not knowing what to do
So I swing harder and harder
Man stop acting like a B...
Take it like a man should

You aren't going to keep bleeding me
Beating me up side my head
I'm tired of taking these beatings
Not standing my ground
Times are changing
Don't you see how it's raining
You're off your meds
That doesn't stop you from taking this knife
In your chest
Deep, deeper and deeper that it pierces your heart
You blamed me for your getting fired
I'm way past tired and supporting your a**
The look in your eyes say kill this B****
I'm half past crazy and half dead already

It's not fear and hate that hides my face
It's survival, kill or be killed
Love doesn't feel like this
Pain every time I turn around
Me beating your head to the ground
Yeah, i'm leaving your sorry behind
Taking the kids with me
I just have to find a way 
To get out that door
What are you looking for now

Oh no you don't 
You looking for this right
We fought all over the house
Seeing who would have the strength
To come out on top
Stop it stop it was all I heard
Then fear struck my soul
Pow pow pow
Now your body is lying dead on the floor
Come on kids lets get out of here
Before the cops come
Run run babies 
I can't do this anymore
Your 9 year old son put two bullets to your body
To protect his mom.....

Each Other...

Move me to enhance
my blossoming of my inner me
tease the even contours of my mind
seek to peel back the layers
of my lust that spills over
my cup as you fill it
squeeze every ounce of the desires
let them drain freely

wake the sleeping soul
so she can feel all you are
turning the hands of time
while they tick-tock, tick-tock
slowly making my body
rise at every corner
at every waking hour

slipping, slipping into a trance
leaving the source of my
openness completely ajar
kissing the very thought of you
lingers in my pleasures of touching
our bodies as one conduit
of many connections of one outlet

where you are the conductor
of my highs and lows
my peaks and my falls
the source of my moisten thighs
that leaks, spills, seeps and soaks
every inch of your mind
your thoughts,
your senses
to our imperfections
of loving each other..

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Make love 
to my emotions
kiss the curves
of every lustrous turn

make them flow freely
and move with ease
caress the contours
as they lay themselves
upon your bed

devour every sound
make them weep
with pleasure
as it stains with tear drops
of lust across the pillow

don't let them fester
and become crust
upon the ceiling and walls

hold them in your embrace
and let them linger
in the spaces in between

while touching here and there
filling the empty spaces
with seductions
of spontaneous burst
of breathes in and out deeply
sighing in elation

as you arouse them
make them stand erect
elongated, pronounced
and exposed to the
desires of making love


Your scent lingers
upon my body
it never fades
while festering upon my soul
holding on to my essence
fighting, grasping, struggling
to keep on giving
wanting, needing, lusting, desiring
the pleasure of old
pushing, pulling, willing
life precious moments in time
as if they were dreams
laid upon your nightly thoughts
your scent still lingers
upon my chest
in ways that I can't comprehend
lingering, standing in place
erected, standing prone
parallel next to me
it fondles my inner core
tickling my inner domain
of heavens gates laid open
waiting on mu gain
yet, you still linger
upon my soul.....

We, Us.....One...

My essence is of you
brought to life
by all that you do
words that you speak
they seek me out

feeling the way I do
you have wooed me
made me fall in love
all over again

my head is laid
on the pillow
thinking of you
I open my eyes
there is where your face appears

smile out shines the sun
blocks out the cloudiest days
and make sun rays
stop the rain from falling

catches my tear drop
and savor them in a bottle
and place them at the
bottom of the tulip vase
to water and make them
blossom into a beautiful flower

for all to admire
my beauty from afar
as you smile
wondering all the while
knowing that I
was all that you ever longed for
and believing that I
was that you needed
to make we, us
complete as one....