Friday, February 24, 2012

Never Knew

When you walked into my life
I never knew you would make me feel like this
My hips and thighs arched when your footsteps are heard
As your voice becomes clear
My waters start to leak and pour
When my soul feels your breath
My mind begins to wonder
Lift me and let me rise to the occasion
Devour my flavor of love
Inhale my exotic tension that stands on end
Exhale my conscience and bring my seduced being to you
Lay me upon a bed of roses
And allow me to roll into your thickness
Make deep waves of thrust into my ocean wetness
Causing waterfalls to over flow
So drink of the puddles that's left behind
For the gift of life has come and you have part taken in it
You are engorged with lustful longings
While I am impregnated with desires of tasting you
Exploding with the tick tock of the bodies clapping
Sweat rolls and you continue to go
Tasting my sweet tears of my essence
As they take you above and beyond the mountain top
You are embedded in my every move
And locked into this sensual groove
Elated from the elation of you rising and rising
Becoming bigger and bigger as the seduction continues
Until the eruption of two souls become one simultaneous explosion of passion
When you walked through my door
I never knew that you would make love feel like this....

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