Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Night Mare....

I long for the day that you wake me
Lying here hoping that you will come
And move this doubt in my heart
Don't really understand why my soul cry's out at night
It harbors lust and love in the deep corners of it being
Wanting to explode with pleasure of burning sensations of you deep inside
I can't walk away from this that builds
You have left me scared
For days I have laid here waiting for you to come mend me
But im still waiting and the door hasn't opened again
I'm not sure what you are asking of me
But please know that my heart is at its wits end
I'm lonely and need your touch
Wanting to feel your kiss upon my lips
Your sweet embrace will bring life back to my  thighs
My eyes wont play those sexual visions of you and I
My dreams no longer come filled with desires of  the sensual play we used to do
My hearing fades because your whispers
Don't fondle my inner ear
The moisture in me  doesn't trickle down
And make puddles while you splash in them
I'm hoping that soon you will wake me from this night mare of you not being here with me....

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