Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sweet Dreams Of Love... Collaboration By Alfreda Ghee and Author Dawn Desiree Banks

Alfreda Ghee

Engrave your name into my heart
As you lay your hands to caress my breast
Paint a trail of your moisture along my core
To form rainbows of lustful thoughts 
Write me into your love and leave me stalking you in the day hours
Elongate my soul and play music into my loins
Drive that symphony deep into me
Stroke my being as we intertwine each others mind and make dreams become reality
As we part take in each others divinity
Wonder into my deepest desires and fondle them from inside out
Leave an imprint of your seed of life
Make me hallow with only love for you
Devour the essence of you and I
Align our spirits as we make visual pictures
Of love making on the moon lit skies
Travel within me and open my imagination 
Soak me of your sins
As I pour out my rivers of wetness upon you
Cascade me my eruptions and trickle down you elation
As we become like a volcano and explode
As we rise and fall back into this sweet loving made for our dreams....

Author Dawn Desiree Banks

Express and envision you and I
Lifting me off ground; taking me to your sky
Brushing your fingers gently along my course
Teasing me without showing any remorse
Tightly my eyes are closed
Movements have been exposed
Purposely I get lost into your private prize
And let you whisper to me your sweet words that satisfy
Permitting you to run all up through my space
As your incident becomes pleased
I wiggle with glee
While your every man amuses me
Where our skin presses against each other in accord
As I murmur with excitement at the might of your encore
Our desire of love announced
Each of us gaining all access
Together we release
As our souls coupled into odyssey

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