Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sin-sational (A sinfully tastefull collab with the wonderful Russell Smith!)

Your touch sizzles my pores.
Your silky kiss lingers upon my lips.
Each caress leaves me wanting more.
I love the way you move your hips.
Give it all to me.

The sensation,
Tingles up and down my spine.
Heavy perspiration,
Beading on your skin and mine.

You take me to places
I've never been with the rest.
My heart races,
Almost beats out of my chest.
I love your technique, your method
Your style
Give to me Baby!

Two bodies in motion
Deep in the night.
Having drank love's potion
And it feels so right.

Let your fingers do the walking,
While your lips explore,
Parts of me,
As I beg for more.

Our bodies meld into one
Playing in ecstasy land.
Bodies united,
As we bump and grind.

Eagerly exploring every inch
From the top of your head
To the tips of your toes.
Enjoying the way you wiggle and flinch
Your moans incite me, your breathing entices
I am doing something right and it shows.

I sink my teeth into your flesh
Exuding just the right amount of bite,
Oh Baby, this might be a sin
but My God, it feels so right!

Thrill me,
Fill me with excitement.
Please me,
Tease me,
Get in the moment.

Bodies thrusting,
Sweat glistening,
Moans are beckoning

for more.

Excitement growing,
Pleasure building,
The sensations are mind blowing.
Is it hot in here or is it just you?
Your body beckons and mine responds fast.
Every touch every kiss every caress
is more intense than the last.

We begin to move with a rhythm
Passion and harmony is all that we know.
You're breaking me down like light through a prism,
as we make love in varying speeds from fast to slow.

No one in the world exists but you and I.
Our tongues tangle in flames of desire.
Your sighs, your moans, your 'I love you'
only help to stoke the fire.

Pleasures building,
Bodies quaking,
Is this Utopia
We are making?

Here it comes,
I let it out,
Hear your name as I shout!
Ride the waves,
Hear me moan,
My body craves,
You that which I own.

Well, that was fun.....now I need a smoke!

© Joyce Gage and Russell Smith 2012 All Rights reserved......any dreams you have from this are reserved too! ; )

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  1. I am so loving this you two wrote the hell out of this piece.. Thanks for allowing me to share it on my blog page...