Friday, February 10, 2012

Lavendar Dreams

Collaboration by Natasha Musyc Chyld Dunning and Alfreda Ghee

Lavendar Dreams

Natasha Musyc Chyld Dunning

My thoughts of you bring me closer than close to you
Like the touch of your lips on my hips
Deep inside my mind you go and flow right back
To my heart beating faster than the words
I speakUnique the way your touches light fires to my soul
Losing control I look into your eyes so deep
I want to creep past your secrets as I read your mind
In time I find that our hidden pleasures are 
Treasures we have yet to explore and we move
To the lyrics of Adore…yes I truly do
 Consumed by the electric touches of lust
I trust that you can take me there as I scream your name
I’m to blame because I want to last through the sweetest of 
Sweet nothings you whisper in my ear and I fear
You would make me hot once again and we
 Begin again and again...turning me over 
Feeling those lips on my shoulders…climaxing
Moving boulders…my mountains erect but you 
Dare not neglect them both…
As I would have hoped, you made my doves cry
On a high off of your love…heaven sent from above
You and me and all this love…
I share with dream has come true

Alfreda(Free Free)Ghee

My dreams have brought you into my room
Those sensual touches you placed upon my back
They have enlighten me to heights of ecstasy beyond my years
To my soul sing out in pure passion of your lust placed upon my door step
I wash you in my flames of dancing rain that I pour outS
avoring your essence thats given to me in return
 For this love that has given us a second chance for love
Diamonds and pearls laden my head
But you have been laid in my heart
Emeralds and sapphires grace my hands
But you have been sprawled out in my soul
Will you lay upon me and lavish in this being
Dance with me as our shadows watch us make love under the candle light
Sing with me as our voice ring out in pleasure far beyond reality
Whisper into the night and let the fresh air bring you into me
Stand her and bask in my beauty 
As you walk through my everything
Have me as yours and let me embark on this journey of finding your love
Where we will meet in my dreams every night until this dream is our reality of you loving me and I
loving you
Tonight my reality will not be a dream it will be you and I floating under the stars in sheer ecstasy of the
cosmic plains......
Love will never be the same......

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