Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soul Mates..

Souls long to beat as one
Filling time and space with only loves grace
Souls enraptured in loves ecstasy of moments past
Needing our souls to turn into a mirror image longing
To reflect the essence of what we have
Our souls sing in perfect harmony to rhythms made by our thoughts
As we slowly drift towards each otherYou move into me
I simultaneously move into you
As our eyes focus as they lock together
We become joined at our hearts, hands, hips and feet
Filling the pull of kinectic energy of our connection in one direction
Falling deeper and deeper among the clouds in heaven
Spontaneous eruptions of souls cosmic orgasmic over flow of emotions
Intertwined as one strand instead of two
Knowing that love has consumed us
As we make our union as soul mates.....