Thursday, February 16, 2012

Repaired Love

COLLABEORATION DONE BY: Alfreda Ghee and Allen Simmons

Alfreda Ghee

We need to talk and I need for you to listen
No... Don't speak until im finished......
I need to know how much you love me 
I need you to show me
My darling it has been a long time since
We have embarked upon one another flesh
I will lay upon your chest and stroke you for hours
When will you touch my thighs
as I provoke your inner desires to be released 
And make your nature rise
While your body moves in convulsions of thrust 
From my lip locking upon your spaces of length and width
You will rise and fall at my beckoning call
As I hum along your balls
Making you dizzy with me inside your head
But you will be enlighten as you rain down your essence of life 
upon my mind
I will give it back to you when you thrust forward as we move in
simultaneous pulsations of doggy style rhythms and motions
Making musical sounds of bodies clapping and smacking
This marriage was laid to rest and now
It will be awaken by this interweaving of you and I
Will you rush in and take a taste of this lavish fruit whileI rain down my
sweetness upon your lips
Allow me to walk over your contours of your body placing lite kisses
and licks all around
I will ride you until the midnight hour
Stroking you from the front to the back in every room
Dipping and diving and striving to drain you of everything you've got
So lets stop all this holding out and start
Releasing what we call built up marriage blues
 Allen Simmons

Baby, I realize that my love for you, might not what your heart might
have desired, but believe me, when I say to you, I want to give you
pure fire, I want to unleash this inner freak, living within me, Sex you
beyond comprehension, and let our bodies roam free. Love should have
no limits, and we should be able to fully explore,every carnal position
imaginable, let me release your inner whore. Let's kiss every inch of each
others private areas, and enjoy one another's natural flavors,
ubiquitous pleasures we have longed to savor. You are my soulmate,
and once, our hearts, were as one, let's take down these guarded
feelings, just relax and have fun. White sand beaches and tropical
isles,drinks out of coconuts, and plenty of wedded blissful smiles. My
Queen, I want only to be your true, and to satisfy you fully, let me just
ravish you. Be my dinner, and spread your inner thigh, let me feast upon
you, and give you tears of pleasure, as time strolls by,but standing in
place, as I kick back, enjoying your vicious tongue, loving my climax. We
will hold each other,tightly and lovingly, never letting go,engrossed in
our erotic lovemaking,going at it nice and slow. Sweet romantic melodies
will fill the air, as I enter your love canal from behind, and gently, pull
your hair. Each stroke I hit you with, will be sexy and precise, emptying
my hot sticky inside of you baby, oooh, wouldn't that be nice? Losing
you is not an option, you are my heartbeat, I need you to live,let's get
our romance on track, because I've got so much love to give.

Alfreda Ghee

My darling, i'll take your love if you will receive mine entirely
Let me explain the waysI want to share in ecstasy
Bask in your passions of love on top of lust
Knowing that your desires will surly shake the roof
But my love will climb mountains and take you to the tip top
I want you to be laid upon my thrown while you hear me whisper sweet words of wanting you
Entrust in me your heart once again
Let me take you on a flight that has no return ticket
While we soar over the rivers and valleysAnd float on the clouds as you learn my love once again
Look into my eyes im still that loving woman you once knew
Let me bring a smile to heart and soul and place it upon your face
Follow me down the hall where our intimacy will persuade you to love me all the more
Can you hear my heart beat
Do you hear my soul calling for you
Will you hear my spirit singing a melody
That sounds like angels in perfect harmony
That is the love that comes from within a beautiful soul
That is deeply in love with you
My nights have been empty and my days have been dry
Since you have touched me my heart longs no more
This love is endless and we have opened the door
To a new beginning for you and I...

Allen Simmons

In essence my love, what we feel, and what we are expressing, is the
same,but because of lack in our communication, therein, brought about
pain,I desire all that you speak of, maybe even more, my blood pumps
insanely for your love, for it is you, that I adore. No more silence, held in
because of rejection, now I speak openly, of wanting your immediate
affection. Celebrate our union, shouting high from the mountain tops, to
the deeps valley's, my love, will never stop,Over running in abundance,
for you to appreciate and receive, Absorb every ounce that spurts forth
from my heated loins, into your saturated sheave. Wrap your body
around mine, as we share our bed, everlasting sexual satisfaction,
replaces humiliation instead. I can't imagine my life without you, such an
empty place,surrounded by walls of loneliness and hollow space,You
touch, electrified my sense, and it feels, so damn good,As I witness my
Angel, riding and possessing her Kings Royal wood,All night we will bask
in this immortal dance, captivating each other in this erotica trance...Can
we make it back to Loveland, the beginning of our start...All it takes, is a
simple nod, for you are the Lady that lives in my heart! I love you baby!

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