Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sea Shore, See Sure....

Can't seem to think while your breath is in my ear
The scent of you drives me insane
Just the thought of you
Has me running in circles
Your thoughts ring with seductions
That make me drip with wetness
Every step you make
It drives my desires to reign down fire
And set me ablaze
It's hot.... You have finally reached the spot
As your eyes move sweetly over my body
Moving like the wind with crisp clean direction
Leaving tingling sensations of star dust trails
Scintillating renditions of sexual interludes
Of you positioning your thrust of lust on corners of my shores
Dripping with salty sea water upon my beach
Swaying from here to there breathless...... gasping for air
Wait............ Let me exhale........
Leave me your scent so I can bask in the ambiance of you
Trickle down your life and let it fall upon my secrets
Fill me with your dreams and fondle me with your visions
Unleash your inhibitions and allow them to leave your residue along the walls of the room
Leaving nothing to be untouched
Open your mind to loving me in ways that you never before dreamed
Release your unspoken vows and give into your calls lust
Make me flow like a river flowing into a sea
And you will thirst no more for I will quench it and your lips will drip
With sweet liquids of me
Just unravel my loins and indulge as you please
I will feed you your every meal as you place your lips upon my flesh
Softly flowing with the gentle breeze
Gentlly persuading you to come in
Hypnotizing you as the salty mist touches yours skin
Look deep into this sea of life
And make sure that its not to deep on your way in....

1 comment:

  1. We feel urge to mingle with body and mind, we do point in the source of love; man and woman are painters of love in lore of devotion. I love it.