Monday, February 6, 2012

Ride With Me

Come sit within my love
Let me fill you with nothing but song
Follow me to where you wont want to come back to reality
You just want to stay in my realm of desires
Listen as I speak into your mind
Thoughts of my imagery of loves divine essence
Gaze into my eyes
And allow me to make visions of us in perfect tune with our bodies
Give me a moment and let me catch my breath
As I ease my way into your soul
While lying my bed in your heart
And walking my passion through your soul
Hold on...
For the ride has just begun
There is no turning back 
Because now we are in the twilight zone
Where no man has returned from
You may think that this is just for the night
But what I have it will last for an eternity
You need to decide if you are in this for the long haul
Or are you going to try an jump ship half way through
 Once the doors lock behind you 
There is no way outLet me know now 
So I don't have to put up a fight
This love is right and I have all that you will need
For this flight.......

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