Thursday, March 8, 2012

Roll With Me....

Wake me when you get home
I want to be your slave
So I can make love to your soul
I want to wrap my body around your mind
And seduce your all in mine
I want to stroke your large ego and fondle your huge pride
I want to leave you wondering how I will leave you dripping and dry
Of all your energy and make your nectar flow for days on end
Can you imagine me loving you
Will you receive me as I drop down my hair
And lay upon your chest
Can you inhale and exhale through all that im about to do
Just relax...
This is all about you tonight
I want to lick your lolly pop
And swallow you whole
Your mind that is.....
I will seductively take you
Where no woman has taken you before
Sweet music will play as I straddle your depth
And bring you to an unconsciousness and revive your dreams
And bring you back to reality with kisses laid upon your lips
Taste me as I release my inhibitions and leave them within you
Laden yourself with my sexiness
And take all  that I am offering
While I stroke your ego and fondle your pride.....
Will you roll with me......

Endless Possibilities

You came into my life on a cool summers breeze
Leaving scents of whispers from Tulips in my ear
I gasp as your voice grazes my thoughts
To understand how love has brought you near
I look deep within your eyes to see how far this will go
There was no ending so now I know that this is endless
Your love will last more than an eternity
This seems to only happen in my dreams
Under the stars and moon
You touch me with your lips
As I long to feel the passions from within your world
I never dreamed that it could feel this way
You falling as I catch your waves of  your thrust from your heart
They pull me right on in as I embrace your warm strokes
Can you hear my soul pouring out to you
Will your spirit return to me and leave me speechless
From the love that we made
Share with me how you will seduce my mind and my desires
Play with my strings while I play with your keys
Let me tune you into me
As you align my strings in places that they can't be undone
Finger them and wound them into knots that only you can untie
Lets wake to the the sunrise as we open up together
As you intertwine me with your roots and lets blossom as one
Share with me your thoughts of us
As we grow mindful of the endless destiny that we share
Place me in your soul
And let me learn how you are going to love me
Far past the endless possibilities.....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Morning Breaks....

Seems like yesterday, when you walked into my life
I can't clearly see why you are trying to walk out
Love has come and gone for you
Even though you tell me day after day
That you are still in love with me
I woke to a lonely bed when the sun rose
No smile waiting to greet my morning face
Longing to feel your warm touch
In hast I envision us in a kiss
Tasting your sweetness of your breath
Desiring to be held in your love grip
Seeking to look into your eyes
So I can see deep inside your soul
Let me make love to your mind
And control your dreams and have you fixated
Upon my every move
Tune yourself to my music of pleasures and passion
Designed for two, to become one
Hear my loving songs of having you next to me
In the waking hour and sleeping minutes of my nights
I no longer want to fall and not have you fall
If only you were here lying next to me
We would be holding each other
In the kiss of life........

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hear Me....

Motions of voices heard from miles
Strong verses spoken from a plat form
Millions stood in hopes to hear a speech
That would set them free of their burdened spirits
But they didn't know that this speech would set all their worries free
He lifted them so high with his words of grace and wisdom
He poured out his soul to trillions as he stood behind that podium
But many turned a cold shoulder
All but a few stood there and listened
And heard the words that shared verbs, adjectives and proverbs
The irony of it all was that the ones that left knew what he was saying was right
They wanted no parts of it
They wanted the freedom that came from it
You see
People want all the good that comes from someone else doings
But if they have to participate and create that freedom
They don't want it
But there were so many that put their lives on the line
So that you could stand and read and write
They stood there for the duration of the fight
Your insight came when all was done and the prize was won
No No..Don't lower your head in shame
Keep it held high so when you look at those people
That stood there for your freedom they can say i'm glad to see you again
Now will you stand and fight...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Piano Plays Our Seduction......COLLABORATION BY: Alfreda Ghee, Miguel Keaton and Rosalind Cherry

Alfreda Ghee

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it
I walk easy but I aim to please I will slash you and make you
Scream for more, I'm your ninja freak..
You look at me in the day and see an easy breezy Queen
At night the dark side comes out....

You said you wanted a freak in the sheets
But you never knew what i could do on a piano
You tied me up so you could stroke me with notes
I laid here and you licked every inch of me
Left me in convulsions and stripped me of my sound
Speechless I was...
I was now in tune with every key that you touched inside of me
Elated from the first knot tied around my left ankle 
Then the right.... roughly
My hands were jerked and tied just right
You left me squirming and begging please
I became wet as you tied it tighter
The piano became a waterfall from the flow of my eruptions of your seduction
Sprawled across here with my legs wide open
You laid your musical frustrations inside my thighs

My chest started to rise from the masterbation you gave me
Yours hands wonder and groped my breast
As your lips parted and your tongue glided inside my lower lips
I rose to the occasion and let you inside
I couldn't move away as your tongue brought out the change in me
Bound by my hands and feet I think im going in heat
My body began to shiver
The piano began to shake
But yet you didnt cease to continue to bring the pleasure
You stroked every knot and laid every lick and flick of your tongue all around and down
Your width became longer, wider and engorged 
As you placed it inside of me I creamed all over you
Yet you continued to go deeper and deeper
Still making my waters flow even more and more
None stop I came and your stroking of my keys continued
Harder and harder
You hit each wall as the piano struck an cord of depth
I screamed, release me so that the freak within me could come out
My breathing was increasing
Your chest was going faster and faster
Your head laid back in pleasure 
And just then you were put to the test
The piano cracked right in the middle
But your strokes did not cease
You screamed out as I caught your rise and you excepted my fall
We erupted like waves crashing the shore
As the piano played our down fall of wetness trickling down her keys.....
From her seduction played in E.........

Just look at you sprawled out on that piano.
Just call me maestro, as I pull up my seat and begin to tune you up.
I start by kissing your thighs,
And I work my way to your erotic instrument.
With my tongue, I begin to hit your clit like the hammers on the strings
 inside this piano as every key is being pressed.
And as my tongue dance a waltz with your clit, your harmonic vibrations
 grow stronger,
Until you scream in notes higher than the highest elevation.
And then as I climb on top of you, I begin to insert my Bach inside of 
your Beethoven and together we rewrote the 5th symphony
I begin to stroke every chord of your inner piano and we made sweet
 tunes of unmeasurable moans.
You get on all fours, and I saddle up behind you and begin to rub my 

erotic instrument across your lowers lips like a violinist bow on his strings.
I beat my stick across your inner walls as if they drums.
I fondle your breast as if it were a cello, and your nipples as though they 
were the strings.
And as we made love on this piano, I began to realize,
When we're together, our sexual pleasures are our music and we are 
the orchestra of love. 

Miguel “Mr. Nasty Man” Keaton

Rosalind Cherry
Yes look at me at this Piano can you start off by kissing my inner thigh
that makes me feel so good pretend I'm your special key stroke to your
 high note come over hear is that a drum that beating between your legs
 I can feel you the long key strokes,now you want to tie me
up for a longer time then do, so my juices are about to bust you have it
 that right I can feel you know deeper deeper don't stop, getting
hot listen to the sounds that are echo is now bouncing off the walls
lick me again upon my breast you are now reaching and teaching me
a new meaning of the piano playing instrument, I can feel your shaft 
going in as I lowering my body towards you, My nipples are on the rise
 you took me by surprise all of this chamber of erotic dangers of feeling 
that next to me from front to back now where is that tongue flick it back
 and fourth go down do you want more of what you see .I'm
in the move for this type of way again but I need you to untie me
 let me see up close again I'm your freak to your key stroke, My heart is
 pounding I'm getting a rush like never before, Can I allow you to bury 

 myself underneath you or do you like it better when I'm on the rise but it
 is only then when you unleash me spank me hitting both cheeks on each 
side when i realized my juices were flowing all over the place Mum I 
never want you to stop now play with my strings as you say I'm in it oh
 it's throbbing again Nothing like the great sounds of beautiful music,Now 
pass the wine
cheese and crackers Yum~! Now you finish start playing that key stroke
 in my places that make see why I love when you play for me music to my 
ears, Now I'm waiting for us to make our special low sounds that turn
 into loud moans again~!

Sweet Dreams Of Love... Collaboration By Alfreda Ghee and Author Dawn Desiree Banks

Alfreda Ghee

Engrave your name into my heart
As you lay your hands to caress my breast
Paint a trail of your moisture along my core
To form rainbows of lustful thoughts 
Write me into your love and leave me stalking you in the day hours
Elongate my soul and play music into my loins
Drive that symphony deep into me
Stroke my being as we intertwine each others mind and make dreams become reality
As we part take in each others divinity
Wonder into my deepest desires and fondle them from inside out
Leave an imprint of your seed of life
Make me hallow with only love for you
Devour the essence of you and I
Align our spirits as we make visual pictures
Of love making on the moon lit skies
Travel within me and open my imagination 
Soak me of your sins
As I pour out my rivers of wetness upon you
Cascade me my eruptions and trickle down you elation
As we become like a volcano and explode
As we rise and fall back into this sweet loving made for our dreams....

Author Dawn Desiree Banks

Express and envision you and I
Lifting me off ground; taking me to your sky
Brushing your fingers gently along my course
Teasing me without showing any remorse
Tightly my eyes are closed
Movements have been exposed
Purposely I get lost into your private prize
And let you whisper to me your sweet words that satisfy
Permitting you to run all up through my space
As your incident becomes pleased
I wiggle with glee
While your every man amuses me
Where our skin presses against each other in accord
As I murmur with excitement at the might of your encore
Our desire of love announced
Each of us gaining all access
Together we release
As our souls coupled into odyssey