Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He Said But I Said

He said he wanted a woman that knew how to appreciate him
That knows what he likes and don't like
He said he wanted a woman that would cook and clean and have and take care of his children
He said that he wanted a woman that would listen, be honest and trust him
He said he wanted a woman that would cherish him and do what ever he wanted
He said he wanted a woman that would sex him
Until the day light and never ask questions about where hes been
Nor where hes going
He said, he said,

But he never said he wanted a woman to love him for who he is
Nor that he wanted woman for who she is
Nor did he ever say that he would appreciate her
Nor cherish, trust, respect and love her nor take care of her children
Nor did he say that he want her to love the LORD
Nor did he say that he would communicate with her
Nor did he say that he wanted her to love him
And make love to him and share intimacy with him
What he wanted in his woman was a slave
That would drop at a dime to his every command
He doesn't want a woman with a mind of her own
He wants a puppet so he can pull her strings and control her
What a sad sad man

I am who I am because GOD made me this way
Decisions I have made not always good but I live and I have learned from them
Not knowing where the next turn will take me
Not knowing whose path GOD will lead me across
But you can best believe that I will not chase you down a long lonely road
Because you can run yourself down that road all alone

I want a man that can appreciate me and appreciate me
Appreciating him while respecting him and hes respecting me
I want a man that will talk with me and not at me
While I listen and understand every word he has to say and he does the same for me
I want a man filled with the LOVE for GOD because if he loves GOD then he will surly LOVE me in that Same way because I am made in HIS image and I will love him the same
I want a man that will know me the good and the bad
But still find away to understand that i'm not perfect and neither is he and know that is how I will treat him
I want a man that will trust me as I trust him and know that there will be times
When we second guess each other out of jealousy and anger
I want a man to know that when he is wrong that I will stick by him
But will tell him that he is wrong and will do the same for me
What i'm really saying is that I want a man that will treat me as his equal and love me
As I will love him more than life itself..

Only if we shall cross each others paths.... That day will come.....

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Look me in the eyes
Do you see my depth
If you follow the spark of my heart
You will see that it lights up for you

If only my words were enough for you

Though you linger on my every word
I know that you want more of me
You want action and still it's not enough at times

Take me in your arms and lets see

Where devotion comes from
Our connection is so intense
That flames of fire are put out at the force we share

Not water nor wind

Can put out what we have together
No longer will gravity keep you enlighten
I will keep you elevated beyond the universe

Lets not contain our love

It shall be shown for all to see
You want more of what i'm offering
Reach deep and pull from me my reason for existing

And you will see how deep my love runs for thee

Your smile remains a mark on my brain
As your face has a permanent imprint on my heart
While your eyes have marked my soul for life
And your spirit has marked my existence for an eternity...

Monday, April 9, 2012

My World

If you came into my world
You would feel nothing but love all around
The flowers and rainbows would set your spirit free
I would surly lead you to heavens gates
Follow my foot prints and see where they lead to

Come hold my hand and I would surly make you see
New direction
New life
This ride will be the ride of your life
Let the fresh air flow over your skin

Rise up and come into my world
Listen to all the sounds
Birds sing, bees buzzing, children laughing
Your heart beat along with my souls song
To precious to leave all alone

Smell the sweet scents that I have left behind
Can your mind follow where mine has gone
Let me bring you into my world
No more games we shall play
We are all grown up in this world

Love making will ensue
Kissing will come to pass
Caressing will last for a life time
Holding each other will going on forever
Intimacy we will always share

In our spare time
I will just look into your eyes
You shall listen to my sweet voice
And we shall pass the days swinging in the shade
Knowing that you have come into my world.....