Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moments Like This

Moments like this I don't want to wake up
I don't want my reality to be moved from my dreams
When you smile into my heart
I fall deeper and deeper in love with you
Though you are far away
My soul still mums to your beating heart
You chose to give me more than just one look
You gave me intimacy and I fell so far in love with you
That I couldn't understand how my world was spinning out of control
only you can lead me by the hand
You took me down that road
That I never thought I would find my way back
My lips quiver when yours are close to mine
The soft touch of your hand touching the small of my back
The gentle touch of your body clothed  touching mine
The scent of you lingered all around
You got me floating on cloud 9
Intimacy intertwined between you and I
My eyes long to bask in your warmth
If life was cold I would never know it
Because your souls pours out and warms me through and through
Your sweet words ease my pain
It soothes my insecurities
And leaves me whole again
It's moments like this That I must say
Where have you been all my life
I wish there were more moments like this.....

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