Friday, February 10, 2012

Dinner For Three

Natasha Musyc Chyld Dunning

Got you going insane
As I give you brainLicking and sucking 
Craving for some mind fuckin
Eyes rolling back in your head
When you hear me gag with pleasure
My endeavor is to make you taste my sugar walls
You stop me with ease
And my eyes beg you please
You bring me up from my knees
Turn me around to your front
My red pumps in the airand I stare at my dick....
Uhmmmm can't wait to feel that shit
Speaking in tongues for that well hung
Lost my education like I'm done
pounding my ass so good it hurts..
trying to compose myself I won't squirt...
loving your to make this a daily mission....
Next stop on the the kitchen

PoetauthorRoberto Denaro Styles

Sedated this heated rage
The climates of immense intensity
Escalates the gorge of my inner swellings
As we lips lock on the counter top
Hands grope those mahogany thighs
Intense breathing, I can see the animal in your eyes
As I shift my throbbing width
Giving you all you can withstand
Hearts like drum rolls and thundering herds
I exude you my masculine forceLids shut, exhales and intense grips
Arms clove the broad of my shoulders
As my staff plunges the depths of your elixir
Control as I go coastingI covet your lustful potions
Hips gyrate slow motion
Taking in every inch
Throbbing endowments
Abase intense precipitation
You recipicate your tongue
Bathe me your saturations
Hollow calls
Banging walls
Spruce the seven stages
Raging reservoirs succumb
Inches of my girth
Drenched waterfalls
I grope your waist
The way you taste
The way you touch
Tingling sensations
Boiling blood rushes
Gush me
Your pleasurable showers
Sweat seeps our pores
Turn you over
Pleasure me your back door invitation
As we….ShiftBounce
BumpEvery inch of me I gorge you
Let it rainLet it pour
I give pleasure
I give pain
Hands clutching
A whole lot of
Who is that I hear at the door
Then she walks in
Anticipation begs of her
Smoldering flamesUntamed decibels
As she moves behind meRhythmic shifts
As I plunge your precious pearl
Standing behind meHands caressing my shoulders
Sporadic movementsHer hands claims
To partake this flameThree lovers engulfed
These passionate flamesSuppressed desire for
WeCan no longer be contained…….

Alfreda Ghee

The noise that was made was surely insane
Touching and kissing your back and up to your neck
Our lips meet in a race to part take in each others sweetness in the mix
Bodies clappingMoans ringing out
Its my turn to take on the stallion
My black heels will surely know the deal
The wall will catch our fall
Take it from the back and go in deep, strong and long
Pull my hair dont be scared
This is how its done once you smack that ass
Face me and lift my leg above my head
Enlighten yourself and give me head
Let my sweet walls release and fill your all
You will no longer thirst after I burst
No games will be played its three of us in this kitchen
One at the top and one at the bottom
Your eyes roll back and you start to get jacked
Dont hold back this isnt jack and jill
This is cock and spill
Thrills and chills
Mary and Jane robbing and bringing the pain of pleasure
You holler out oh bring it drop it like its hot
We both popped and locked
And sucked the hell out of your cock
Lay upon my face and let me taste your essence
And rain down my juices upon your chest
No time to waste for we must make haste
Can you really handle these to dames
We arent the same but its a shame to let it go to waste
Mahogany brown and Creamy caramel brown
This is the best in town
We are going to flip flop you and spin you around
Until you cum and you call our names all around town
These counter tops better be strong cause this time its going to last all night long

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  1. In the light of love,
    we feel best senses of love,
    best taste of pleasure,
    best inhale of body order,
    best touching in body liking,
    catching in eyes,
    and sailing in body things,
    I love it.