Monday, February 27, 2012

Set Love Free

Trapped and can't escape this pain that I feel                            
My tears run down like the rain on the window pane
You have gone and turned my heart into rubble
And now it's shattered beyond repair

Don't you see all the despair in my eyes
Struggling to be set free
When will you let love come out
I can't take this any longer
You holding back
It's time I take the lead and let you follow
In my footsteps...

Open this window that leads to your soul
Open this door that leads to your spirit
Open your eyes that leads to your heart
Open yourself to me and let me flow in and out

I want to stop this pain that you hide inside
I want you to ride on this cloud thats been float above for you
I want you to relax and let these tears drop for me
I want all of you and I want you to have all of me

Come and listen to my mind as it whispers extravagant words
Take my hand and just let me lead you far away
To where only love is found in lovers land.......

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