Friday, December 28, 2012

My Eyes...

When I look into your eyes
I see right through to your heart
It's locked up behind walls
Keeping you from falling
Not allowing you to be
What you are suppose to be

As I look deeper
Your soul is in limbo
Flip flopping around
Undecided on how to be at peace
With it's ins and outs
Of running around with others

Sit for a spell
Let me introduce myself
I am you Lust, Desire, Pleasure,
Your Infatuation, Passion, Fear, Greed
Your Harmony, Peace, Joy and Happines
I am your Love that's wanting to be set
free from your locked doors, brick walls and
Steal  borders

Yet, I am your...... Still frame.... set in your past insanities
Fraile and weak
Sickened by the thought of
Letting go of mysteries of my indecision
Sooner or later the time will come
When Love will break free
Of those strong holds
You call chains and restraints
of your heart and mind

When you wake from this,
This dream so it may seem
You will find that
I'm waiting in the corners of your spirit
Slowly moving forward
Turning the locked door
Pushing the brick walls
Still, Quite and patiently inching forward
Every so often...
You let me seep through
In a smile
Seen through my eyes....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rain Maker...

You licked me
not once but twice
I became wet and sticky
it poured like rain
as I oozed all over you....


make the night right
flagrant with your scent
oozing from the walls
of my pores
seeping from my inner core
where you have released
your spirit and set mine free

wake me with the desire
to take a hold of my
inhibitions as I discover
that sexual deviance is nothing
more than a passion of fire
laid out from your touching
of my inner most thoughts
destined to be awakened
by your pulse racing
down my inner thighs throbbing
and screaming to be taken
and devoured of all fluid
that's ready to escape from
your tool of passion

sleep comes easy
once you have played
in the flesh of fresh waters of the fountain
of youth
you have tasted and become elated
not wanting to relinquish
the time spent ravishing
the supple flower of desire
that has you aroused
playing hide and seek
and tag while riding the
back like it's your last go round
on the merry go round of life

make no mistake waking
her promiscuity is like unleashing
a beast on innocent
that seeks flesh and blood
she seeks to drag your soul
through her contours as she
wallow in your essence
and squirt you with her life line
of time and awaken the
animal instinct of your inner being
to come forth and make ruins
out of the diamond that lay before you....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Low and Behold....

Standing her not sure of my path
Lost, broken and disheveled
wondering why i'm left
here all alone
does love still live here
or is it just gone?
so scared not sure if this is the end
the end of us
or the end of my story

all hope is gone
dreams have faded
as desires roam the halls
trying to figure out
how they were left in the cold
no passion to warm their walls
no steam to cause an evaporation
of us all
the clock has broken
as for time it has stopped
seeking to tick for you and I

No longer will I sit here
in this emptiness of your despair
no longer that butterfly
with a broken
rising up glowing with a smile
love has found my open heart
once more
if you only knew
the gem you carried in me
i'm floating high like a cloud
surrounded by love

I showed you a side of me
you said another man would never see
you laid your cards on the table
for all to see
low and behold
a great man stole your Diamond
right from under your nose
now I have blossomed into a Queen....

Your Bidding.....

The look in your eyes
make me believe there
is life beyond the stars
your soul pulls at my will
tugging and tugging
not letting go
of my yearnings and desires
as I sleep you fierce gaze
reveals to me
how my heart belongs to thee
your spirits lights my path
and guides my foot steps
to your front door
not knowing that this is
the beginning of all things to come
you reached into my soul
pulled out the cob webs
and blew them away
reviving all that I am
and opening me up
to all that you are
and will be to me
your heart beats once
mine beats three times
because it skips every time
you touch my core
the depths of my soul
to the out skirts of my being
I relinquish all of me to your bidding
of love........

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aching Tears...

I can't leave
my tears of a broken heart
behind to stand the test of time
carrying the burden
of the weight of sorrow
in my eyes
is  like death
sitting on the the edge of the seat
with mildew lying under the cushion
of my heart beat
thump thump
goes the echoing of the wild

sounds ringing in the back ground of my mind
hiding, scurrying, flopping, and
dropping bombs like its World War III
leaving shrapnel riddled in my body
from C4 exploding at my front door
tears run down like the rains
falling in the tropical forest
when it's the rainy season
body limp, dried, hard and sore
can't take this torture
any more
eyes falling down
closing, closing, closing
darting from side to side
rolling around in my head
they want to scream out
take me from this insanity
deliver me from these burning flames
i'm seeing in this underworld
no sleep will my seeing eyes get

the tears lie in wait to steal
just one moment to be free
of the desolate pit that waits
 for them to drip on in...

Friday, October 12, 2012


My mind wonders
as you transcend my transgressions
feeling my lips and mouth with your words
spitting, expelling, translucent whispers
of lustful incantations of our desires
singing in the winds
across my body they are laid
with moisture, soaked hands
that rubs every inch of my bliss

My body flutters
at the touch of your voice
coursing the outer stretches
of my curvaceous hips and thighs
speaking magical spells
of fire rising, burning and boiling
while chills of warmth fondles
my inner fountain of exaltation
kneeling, spilling, wetness freely

Eyes awakening with pleasure
screaming, yelling anarchy
release me from you grasp
teasing, pleasing, stripping them
of their ability to see
what is there
making reality no more
sensing time has slowed
so all will be enjoyed
 just a little bit longer and more....