Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Show me the way to your heart
The doors will open at my beckoning call
Walls will fall as I stroke your mind with musical words
Of harmonies laid abroad
Walk into my soul and lay your heart upon my spirit
This will fill you with my souls love and desires for you
Give me your eyes so I can show you my visions
Of how we made love in the midnight hour
Follow me along even further and let me wash you
In my passions of heated kissing and touching that i've placed
So delicately on your heavenly body
Listen for sweetness shall envelope you
As she whispers gently down your spine
Giving you chills of ecstasy with thrills of love making being posed
In your eyes to reflect movements of two
Hover over me your core of your essence
Leaving me with all that is the present
Fondle me your memories of seeking ways to make ours souls connect and reflect the the intersections of destiny
Fiddling with the redirection of flows of lust coursing through our veins
Longing for the hour that pleasurable desires will take over
Our sexual pleas of me wanting you
Lifting the gates so that it's easy for you to come in
Allowing you to follow me down that road to where it never ends
Knowing that all along the love was coming when you walked in
Giving you to me and me to you entirely
Was all we ever wanted and now it has come to reality....

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