Friday, December 28, 2012

My Eyes...

When I look into your eyes
I see right through to your heart
It's locked up behind walls
Keeping you from falling
Not allowing you to be
What you are suppose to be

As I look deeper
Your soul is in limbo
Flip flopping around
Undecided on how to be at peace
With it's ins and outs
Of running around with others

Sit for a spell
Let me introduce myself
I am you Lust, Desire, Pleasure,
Your Infatuation, Passion, Fear, Greed
Your Harmony, Peace, Joy and Happines
I am your Love that's wanting to be set
free from your locked doors, brick walls and
Steal  borders

Yet, I am your...... Still frame.... set in your past insanities
Fraile and weak
Sickened by the thought of
Letting go of mysteries of my indecision
Sooner or later the time will come
When Love will break free
Of those strong holds
You call chains and restraints
of your heart and mind

When you wake from this,
This dream so it may seem
You will find that
I'm waiting in the corners of your spirit
Slowly moving forward
Turning the locked door
Pushing the brick walls
Still, Quite and patiently inching forward
Every so often...
You let me seep through
In a smile
Seen through my eyes....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rain Maker...

You licked me
not once but twice
I became wet and sticky
it poured like rain
as I oozed all over you....


make the night right
flagrant with your scent
oozing from the walls
of my pores
seeping from my inner core
where you have released
your spirit and set mine free

wake me with the desire
to take a hold of my
inhibitions as I discover
that sexual deviance is nothing
more than a passion of fire
laid out from your touching
of my inner most thoughts
destined to be awakened
by your pulse racing
down my inner thighs throbbing
and screaming to be taken
and devoured of all fluid
that's ready to escape from
your tool of passion

sleep comes easy
once you have played
in the flesh of fresh waters of the fountain
of youth
you have tasted and become elated
not wanting to relinquish
the time spent ravishing
the supple flower of desire
that has you aroused
playing hide and seek
and tag while riding the
back like it's your last go round
on the merry go round of life

make no mistake waking
her promiscuity is like unleashing
a beast on innocent
that seeks flesh and blood
she seeks to drag your soul
through her contours as she
wallow in your essence
and squirt you with her life line
of time and awaken the
animal instinct of your inner being
to come forth and make ruins
out of the diamond that lay before you....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Low and Behold....

Standing her not sure of my path
Lost, broken and disheveled
wondering why i'm left
here all alone
does love still live here
or is it just gone?
so scared not sure if this is the end
the end of us
or the end of my story

all hope is gone
dreams have faded
as desires roam the halls
trying to figure out
how they were left in the cold
no passion to warm their walls
no steam to cause an evaporation
of us all
the clock has broken
as for time it has stopped
seeking to tick for you and I

No longer will I sit here
in this emptiness of your despair
no longer that butterfly
with a broken
rising up glowing with a smile
love has found my open heart
once more
if you only knew
the gem you carried in me
i'm floating high like a cloud
surrounded by love

I showed you a side of me
you said another man would never see
you laid your cards on the table
for all to see
low and behold
a great man stole your Diamond
right from under your nose
now I have blossomed into a Queen....

Your Bidding.....

The look in your eyes
make me believe there
is life beyond the stars
your soul pulls at my will
tugging and tugging
not letting go
of my yearnings and desires
as I sleep you fierce gaze
reveals to me
how my heart belongs to thee
your spirits lights my path
and guides my foot steps
to your front door
not knowing that this is
the beginning of all things to come
you reached into my soul
pulled out the cob webs
and blew them away
reviving all that I am
and opening me up
to all that you are
and will be to me
your heart beats once
mine beats three times
because it skips every time
you touch my core
the depths of my soul
to the out skirts of my being
I relinquish all of me to your bidding
of love........

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aching Tears...

I can't leave
my tears of a broken heart
behind to stand the test of time
carrying the burden
of the weight of sorrow
in my eyes
is  like death
sitting on the the edge of the seat
with mildew lying under the cushion
of my heart beat
thump thump
goes the echoing of the wild

sounds ringing in the back ground of my mind
hiding, scurrying, flopping, and
dropping bombs like its World War III
leaving shrapnel riddled in my body
from C4 exploding at my front door
tears run down like the rains
falling in the tropical forest
when it's the rainy season
body limp, dried, hard and sore
can't take this torture
any more
eyes falling down
closing, closing, closing
darting from side to side
rolling around in my head
they want to scream out
take me from this insanity
deliver me from these burning flames
i'm seeing in this underworld
no sleep will my seeing eyes get

the tears lie in wait to steal
just one moment to be free
of the desolate pit that waits
 for them to drip on in...

Friday, October 12, 2012


My mind wonders
as you transcend my transgressions
feeling my lips and mouth with your words
spitting, expelling, translucent whispers
of lustful incantations of our desires
singing in the winds
across my body they are laid
with moisture, soaked hands
that rubs every inch of my bliss

My body flutters
at the touch of your voice
coursing the outer stretches
of my curvaceous hips and thighs
speaking magical spells
of fire rising, burning and boiling
while chills of warmth fondles
my inner fountain of exaltation
kneeling, spilling, wetness freely

Eyes awakening with pleasure
screaming, yelling anarchy
release me from you grasp
teasing, pleasing, stripping them
of their ability to see
what is there
making reality no more
sensing time has slowed
so all will be enjoyed
 just a little bit longer and more....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brutally Beloved

*Collaboration b/w Soul Quest (Justin Toney) and Alfreda Ghee*

Soul Quest 

The blood on my bruised knuckles seems foreign,
I don’t know why you lay limp on the floor. 
I…I blacked out…
oh my God, it happened again.
Did my fists become your attackers? 
I just burn up inside so much it explodes,
having flashbacks of bombs gunfire death.
My grizzly rage freaks out when I’m traumatically stressed.

I view you as the enemy,
I’m just protecting my camp, as I was trained.
You charged and screamed at me, marking my face with scars,
so tackled you onto the living room glass table,
then I planted my own pain upon you.
I..I’m so sorry baby, 
I didn’t take my medicine today,
that fifth of brandy is drained to bottom.
You know they fired me at the factory 7 months ago, 
and no one wants to hire screwed up Iraq war vet.
I know you look at me like I’m crazy. 

Why does fear and hate mask your face?
Don’t you know I love you woman?
What? You going to leave me
after all I sacrificed ?
I traded my friends, my family, my career, my life...
Baby get up, come over here. 
I said bring yo a…see you’re testing my nerves.
That’s why I talk with my hands, because you shut down my words.

Alfreda Ghee

Coming to lying on the floor
Eyes half closed, lips burst and swollen
My body sore
This can't be happening again
Not now
Why me Lord
Why Oh Why Me
What the heck am I doing down this road again

The skin under my nails
Falling from the palms of my hands
I should have plucked your eyes out one by one
Grabbed the gun and put one in your head
Silly me, I forgot we tossed it
Wooden bat beating you across your back
So hard it split in two
Not knowing what to do
So I swing harder and harder
Man stop acting like a B...
Take it like a man should

You aren't going to keep bleeding me
Beating me up side my head
I'm tired of taking these beatings
Not standing my ground
Times are changing
Don't you see how it's raining
You're off your meds
That doesn't stop you from taking this knife
In your chest
Deep, deeper and deeper that it pierces your heart
You blamed me for your getting fired
I'm way past tired and supporting your a**
The look in your eyes say kill this B****
I'm half past crazy and half dead already

It's not fear and hate that hides my face
It's survival, kill or be killed
Love doesn't feel like this
Pain every time I turn around
Me beating your head to the ground
Yeah, i'm leaving your sorry behind
Taking the kids with me
I just have to find a way 
To get out that door
What are you looking for now

Oh no you don't 
You looking for this right
We fought all over the house
Seeing who would have the strength
To come out on top
Stop it stop it was all I heard
Then fear struck my soul
Pow pow pow
Now your body is lying dead on the floor
Come on kids lets get out of here
Before the cops come
Run run babies 
I can't do this anymore
Your 9 year old son put two bullets to your body
To protect his mom.....

Each Other...

Move me to enhance
my blossoming of my inner me
tease the even contours of my mind
seek to peel back the layers
of my lust that spills over
my cup as you fill it
squeeze every ounce of the desires
let them drain freely

wake the sleeping soul
so she can feel all you are
turning the hands of time
while they tick-tock, tick-tock
slowly making my body
rise at every corner
at every waking hour

slipping, slipping into a trance
leaving the source of my
openness completely ajar
kissing the very thought of you
lingers in my pleasures of touching
our bodies as one conduit
of many connections of one outlet

where you are the conductor
of my highs and lows
my peaks and my falls
the source of my moisten thighs
that leaks, spills, seeps and soaks
every inch of your mind
your thoughts,
your senses
to our imperfections
of loving each other..

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Make love 
to my emotions
kiss the curves
of every lustrous turn

make them flow freely
and move with ease
caress the contours
as they lay themselves
upon your bed

devour every sound
make them weep
with pleasure
as it stains with tear drops
of lust across the pillow

don't let them fester
and become crust
upon the ceiling and walls

hold them in your embrace
and let them linger
in the spaces in between

while touching here and there
filling the empty spaces
with seductions
of spontaneous burst
of breathes in and out deeply
sighing in elation

as you arouse them
make them stand erect
elongated, pronounced
and exposed to the
desires of making love


Your scent lingers
upon my body
it never fades
while festering upon my soul
holding on to my essence
fighting, grasping, struggling
to keep on giving
wanting, needing, lusting, desiring
the pleasure of old
pushing, pulling, willing
life precious moments in time
as if they were dreams
laid upon your nightly thoughts
your scent still lingers
upon my chest
in ways that I can't comprehend
lingering, standing in place
erected, standing prone
parallel next to me
it fondles my inner core
tickling my inner domain
of heavens gates laid open
waiting on mu gain
yet, you still linger
upon my soul.....

We, Us.....One...

My essence is of you
brought to life
by all that you do
words that you speak
they seek me out

feeling the way I do
you have wooed me
made me fall in love
all over again

my head is laid
on the pillow
thinking of you
I open my eyes
there is where your face appears

smile out shines the sun
blocks out the cloudiest days
and make sun rays
stop the rain from falling

catches my tear drop
and savor them in a bottle
and place them at the
bottom of the tulip vase
to water and make them
blossom into a beautiful flower

for all to admire
my beauty from afar
as you smile
wondering all the while
knowing that I
was all that you ever longed for
and believing that I
was that you needed
to make we, us
complete as one....

Friday, August 31, 2012

It's You.....

Will you sit with me
While I tell you my thoughts
And you wrap your mind around my desires
Making them relax
And pour right into your dreams
Stirring up my frustrations
Tapping them
So they will obey
Your every demand

Don't let me forget
How many days and nights
You stood by my side
As I laid there aimlessly
Searching for my sight to return
For you lead me through the gates
Your aura was so bright
It brought meaning to my words
Surely you know what life it gave me
The flowers bloomed
The ocean had a breeze
The trees danced gracefully
The sun set was at it best
When you rose like the sun
The moon transcended the heavens
When you spoke to it

Now that i'm awake
Will you sit with me
While I remember the life
That you shared with me
Once upon a dream
As I look in the midst of you
And declare
That it's you
That I have been longing
And dreaming of
As you have become my reality
It's You....

Monday, August 27, 2012


As you prodded my soul
I became like a grande
I exploded after each stroke
Of your passion pouring from your lips
Persuasion turned my mind inside out
And left me lying in my dreams

Smoked filled rooms
Of heat seeping through windows
Like marijuana
You smoked me
Through your peace pipe
And exhaled me slowly
Leaving me in an orgasmic state

Bodies flowing with ease
Poetically you drank of me
Like a fine wine
You gave me more pleasure
That got better with every minute
Of every hour
Soaking me in your lustful desires

Production of your cosmic visions
Were laid out across the bed
Like a prototype
You built me up
And kept me rising to the top
In pursuit of your labido
So that your movements
Would take me even higher

Your love was creeping
It slipped right on in
Like an infection
You coursed through my veins
And answered all your questions
As you fore filled
Your every desire
Upon my body and soul
As you left me complete....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Let me place you in a dream
Singing with the wind caressing your smile
Holding hands and kissing
In the cool summers night
Remembering love at it's best

Let me place you in a vision
Whispering like the dripping of sweet glaze
As it falls over your skin
Soft, silky and creamy
You melted and I soaked you all in

Let me place you back in reality
I laid upon your sun rise
And the moon and stars
Came out in your day time
Your sun never set
Because time was never kept

Like the ocean waves
You rose to the occasion
You dove deep
And caused a riptide explosion
You dissolved like an ice pop

Slowly, seeping through
In my mouth and left a sweet taste
Of honey dew
And of you behind

You eased your way down
There you were most profound
As you placed your name in the midst
Of my crown jewel....

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Pouring down your water on me
Soaking my mind
And lying me down with ease
Settling into my temple
Seeking to destroy and break through the walls
Of light that is so divine within me

Slowly dripping inch by inch
Through my memories
Drenching every particle of their confines
Leaving cracks and indentations
Revealing the hidden mystery
That lies within

Trickling with infused passion
Opening my visions and expanding them
With illusions of voodoo
Make me rise
Like the waves in the ocean
Freely flowing
As my heart beats to your Kiss....

Sunday, July 29, 2012


When I look into your eyes
I see so many possibilities
Endless they are

When your mouth speaks
I hear my future with you
There's nothing I can't hear

When I feel your touch
The signals that you give me
The speed of light doesn't even ignite

When you look into my eyes
Breathless I become
No more speech forms
I go numb because you have
Traveled through my being

Love has transcended
Far past where I thought it would go
Now that your eyes have seen my soul
Grab a hold of it.....
Never let go.....
Because you can find yourself in me......

Your Depth...

You've shown me the depths of your soul
It's deeper than the deepest seas
Like life it carries much pain and love
To open it's valves you must flow through
It smoothly with no indiscretions and no expectations
That doesn't have flaws

Your mentality and sexuality
Comes together as one emotion
Bonded as one congruent equation
Of the beating of your hearts song
Lively in all that in brings forth

Broken into two halves
It wont function to it's full potential
Segregated and monopolized it flows out of tune
Conclusions are inclusive of a definitive movement
In the right direction

Sometimes fear projects the darkness
But your depth is far greater than any..... I have seen
The greatness out shines the old road left behind
Imprinted with your footsteps
For another to cross the same journey successfully

You have let me look into your eyes
Now I see where our paths met
In the out skirts of your soul
Leaving parts of you as a map for me to follow
Just so I will have a place in call home...
You've shown me....the depths...... of your soul....


Like a cools summers breeze that lingers
You form and never dissipate from my soul
As a breathe of fresh air
That soaks my skin with it's coolness

Surrounded by the humming of your beating heart
Left in a world win of psychosis
Provoked, stimulated and left in a coma state
The infancy of my lustful desires
Have left me swooning and longing for your touch

Your organic flavor is simmering down my spine
It tingles and has ossified my soul
As not to allow it to spill out of your grasp
While our bodies oxidize and become one

My palate has tasted all of you
No longer do I want to relinquish your flesh
You have seized the depths of my soul
And have performed an exorcism on my mind
While placing exotic thoughts within my dreams

I want to be your joss stick
And burn throughout the night
Make the room like a scented candle
Sweet and easy to inhale all at once
I want to jolt your body with memories of me
While you leave me in a daze......

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Melting like tears dripping from my eyes
Like the leaves on a weeping willow
Hanging low and leaning here and fro
But you caught every drop
Not an ounce of me touched the ground

Whispering words like a fountain over flowing with water
Like a water fall trickling down a rocks curves
Dripping here and there
But you savored the fresh mist
Not a word escaped your listening ear

Beating beating like a drummer boy on his drum
Like the pounding of wild horses running
Thundering thundering noises in the air
Basking in the sound of it's beauty
But you pronounced every beat it made

Blowing wind like the ocean caress the shore
Like your tongue filling my mouth
Tasting so sweet like berries off a new vines
You were elated with new life
As nothing has eluded your grasp......

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Heavens gates were left open
When you walked out to find your soul
Never looking back for a word
No voices broke out in song
To guide you along your way
Only your heart could guide your path

You found her sitting patiently
Whispering into the wind
Calling your name and wishing
That you would bring her your fame
Your wings caressed her cheeks
Like a cold winters night
Sending chills and thrills across her mind

Her lips sweet and red
Waiting for yours to meet hers
In a sweet lovers embrace
Her hearts song rang loud and strong
No regrets for leaving heavens gates
When your eyes laid upon her soul
You exhaled and let all of your spirit free
To meet in the center of the smoke
Of our destiny being set free
You knew then that it was meant to be so

She out shine the stars above
Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly
She flew right into your heart
And made love even more beautiful
She looked into your eyes
A sunshine of light broke through
To your conscience
Reality was what it was called
Now that love has touched home

She laid upon your chest
As you engulfed her in your heavenly wings
She spread her spirit all across yours
And you joined as one
As heaven smiled down on you
Because your destiny has been set in line
All the while heavens gates closed
As you realized that love was your goal...

Monday, July 23, 2012


When he walked
It was like he had a sweet scent
Emitting from under his feet
Every step was like he was crushing sweet lilac leaves
It soothed the sir of my pain
Made my head spin leaving a hint of love behind
That he could spare

When his eyes looked deep into mine
It was like he laid me down with a sweet kiss
Upon my lips
Every kiss was placed neatly
Like a feather placed inside a pillow
From an angels wings

When his hands caressed my cheeks
It was light and warm spring breeze
Grazing over the oceans surface just to ruffle it's skin
To make it blush, underneath its bosom
It was laid so gently
That the ocean rose to meet it's courting touch

While she laid in her rise
She knew that love had come
As scents made her heart flutter
She knew that this was the beginning
Surely those sweet kisses were reality
The caressing of her cheeks
Made every part of her soul awaken
For the first time
To knowing love would never end...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We laid upon a bed of glass
As stones were cast as we sinned
You were cast out of the kingdom
I was branded a whore for all to see
Chastised and flogged... I was....

They thought it would keep me from wanting your brew
 Little did they know
That you were already coursing through my veins
You flow through me like the river Jordan
Staining my dreams with memories of loving you

My freedom has been taken
The likelihood of my escape
It's not in the near future
Love...They can't take that away from me
He will come and rescue me
For time is endless is his hands... you see

The window is small
Even though hope is large
The sky rolls on
As I wait your return
To lay upon a stone bed
Surely they will flank us
As they throw embers of flames upon our heads
Yet....They didn't even know....the stones they were casting
Would come back to haunt them in the end
All because love wouldn't say no.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Looking deep into your soul
I saw your longing for love
You keep it hidden  when you are afraid
Your heart glows at the approach of another
That sings out to your rhythm
Its whisper will reach to the center of the earth
That is your core
Can you ponder on how love will pull you in

You will swirl like tornado winds
Lust will settle in soon if you don't hurry
Your mind will float like you are soaring in the atmosphere
Eyes will set and look deep into mine
Surely you will find what you have missed over time

Telepathy I will send you from within
Memories will be made
Life will have new mean as we know it
I will speak words into you like a ventriloquist
So you can vocalize
The disconnection from reality that you are feeling

My impregnation of my love within you
Will grow so strong that your vitality will grow
You will shed your outer layer of shyness
And sing freely that you love me so
Our solidarity will be one that can't be broken
Like a philistine you will run wildly in love

I will contaminate your veins
With love juice and stain your thoughts with only me
Consistency is what it will be
I will be the confectionery in our sweet kiss
Like the clematis, I will climb the walls of your heart
Leaving you beautiful flowers to remember the love we shared

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Midnight Fantasy....

I will walk in the midnight hour for you
While you seduce me mentally
So you can stroke the outer limits of my vortex
Look deep into the everglades of my walls and wet your whistle
Upon my imagination of the twilight hour
Red is what I will wear to bed
Just like an apple I will peel every layer
Until I bite through to the core

Can you keep a secret
Or shall I show you what I want you to do
Place your mouth just there
I swear you will like it
Just as much as I will

Now you know what to do
Just move your tongue and flick it right there
Tease me if you must
Take a nibble and squeeze the juices out
You know how to get it flowing

Here it comes do hear the bursting of the flood gates
Everything is going blurry
Just fantasize, how it will be once you come inside
Put a plug deep within the walls
Lets see if you can make me run and hide

I don't want you to be shy
Take charge and go head in first
Slowly as you go
You know what to do
Let me walk in sweetly as I do
Take a chunk out of my juicy spot
Leave your name written in braille
So that only I will know what it spells

Eliminate my doubts and make me see the light
Tamper with my mind
As I speculate how to except you as you embark upon my dock
As you turned me into a freak
I became a vagabond from your sexual illusions
That accentuated your speaking in tongues
Which had my mind confused
And had my apple dripping on your lips
My panties were missing
I'm sure they were soaked
Because my thighs were moist
While walking in the midnight hour..

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My head hurts
From the lumps and bumps
You have laid upon it
My brain is bruised
With confusion from all the contusions

This is no illusion 
I can't believe this is happening
He put up a big facade
Telling me he loved me
Plotting and eluding my intuition

Upper cuts to my stomach
I can't catch my breath
It was stolen when you put into my chest
Crushing my ribs
It felt like they have punctured my lungs

Gasping for air
Blood drips from my lips as it pours from my chest
Stop this please
I'm begging you while on my knees

Crunch went my eye sockets
Black and blue stains my eyes and cheeks
Couldn't see two feet in front of me
My face was nearly beaten to a pulp

Why do you keep saying its my fault
You stayed out all night
You dont work
Because you want to beat the pavement with your feet

You tried to break me down
You clustered my body with broken bones
From wrecking havoc on me
With a metal baseball bat
Can you imagine that
My bones broke through my skin

All you did was laugh in the end
Because you thought you did me in
I managed to call 911
But by the time the got here 
I was down for the count
Blood was every where
Llike the coward you are you ran away

I'm stronger than you think
The doctor said
"He didn't know how I survived
With the way my body was broken and beaten"

Months later he came and told me he was sorry 
And it will never happen again
well the cops pulled up
He pulled out a gun
He was coming to kill me
You know how it ends.....

My mind and body is free of all
The pain that consumed me
I smile from within now
Peace rules my world
fear still haunts me at time
Whenever a man smiles my way
Extending his hand to speak with a gentleman's jester...