Monday, February 6, 2012

In For The Long Ride

when I took on this ride with you
 I was waiting as you entered that door
 it was just me and you 
loving you so wanting you more you just too my
breath away you steamed those sheets 
yes you and me it's the way you were touching me
 in my special places driving me crazing 
and yet you were so gentle can you feel the warmth of my body 
can you see the prints that are shown within the sheets
 of my body an yet i still want more and more of you. 
Tender touching moments 
from the moistness of her lips 
as her taste were of honey melons from upon her lips
you holding me as we finished this love making 
you made me see just how much desires that i have 
within my soul everlasting fires 
these flames can't be put out 
even as you splash the water all over me 
the heat still rises
 look into my eyes 
what do you see 
it's just me wanting you more so continue on to
 Ride With Me.
This ride is for life
The touches that were shared between us
We made from sweet dew of rain drops dripping from the heavens
My back arched when you placed a kiss upon it
My legs spread as your hands walked towards my middle
My breast oh yes the nipples rose to you wet lips
The softness of your eyes was laid upon my bare 
A smile came upon your face
As my body moved to your musical ways
We made history and traced ancestors ways around the world
My realm of reality became intertwined with yours
You laid me upon your thrown
I took the rise and fall of every thrust
As we in gagged in this lust for days
My core was soaked with every bit of you and I
But yet your touch still sends chills to my spine
Your voice spills words that caress my soul
You eyes says you want more
And yet your heart beat is one with mine...

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