Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Broken...Inside..... COLLABORATION BY Alfreda Ghee and Miguel Keaton

You had the key to my inner being
Now it's back in my grasp away from your reach
The nights that we made love
And peace was still
The light in my soul glowed with no doubt
Promises were made that night
But yet you broke them and turned my days dark
How can you stand there and look me in my eyes
With a little cocky smile upon your face
They say love hurts
But that's not true at all.......
Love can't hurt it's only an emotion from deep within
The actions of you.... are what hurt me so
Don't you feel the pain you have cause me
You don't understand the ramifications of this tragedy

The artificial love you poured into my soul
Has clogged my heart and locked my mind
The dried flowers you set upon the table
Reminds me of what I see in the mirror
when i'm looking at my spirit
Now that love isn't really here
If this is what your love looks like

Then your hate must be beautiful in sight
Can't say that you did me wrong
Because you only did what I allowed
But surly you felt something for me
How could you not when I gave you all of my heart
Rain falls every day now that the truth has appeared
Tears stain my cheeks for days on end
If my love wasn't promised for you then who
Oh who will take it and cherish it
Without breaking my heart again...

A beast I am becoming
Ravaging all that comes within my grasp
You have left me alone now the beast within
Is seeking to destroy you
Watch where you path leads
Because in the end my bridge you will surly pass over again
No... I wont be easy with you
Surly the pain that you caused me

You can see
I am green through and through
Now im angry and coming for you
Don't walk easy now your walk before was strong and proud
I came and learned a thing or two
Never sleep while the beast is hunting for you

Think of the beast that you left inside of me
Now you are running for your life
How funny is that
Don't turn your back on me
Face me so I can shoot you in your heart
So you can see what my pain was like

Heat, burning, searing your soul
No you wont die tonight
But who knows promises were made
But yet they were broken tonight
I hope you grow old with no one to hold
For an eternity the beast will reside inside of your soul.....

Miguel Keaton

You say you're broken inside
How could that be, when you were never made whole
Well you were made whole, but not for me
Yes that night we made love, I was like a kid in Disney World.
We explored many mountains with our love, but like every story book
fairy tale
It must come to and end

And you make it like it was all my fault
You had your issues in this journey.
You act as if I never did love you.
But you made loving you an impossible task when you would never
communicate with me.
There were days when I would come home from work to talk, but you were too
busy talking to your friends.
You made me feel as if nothing about me was important to you.
Now it looks as if your hurt has become hate for me.
How can you hate the one you never loved.
You never wanted the love my heart had locked inside.
You say you loved me, but instead you were in lust with me.

I wanted to love you. I wanted to make love to you.
I wanted to consume your every thought.
I wanted to leave an emotional print on your heart
But you would't let me.
You were too consumed with yourself and want to only satisfy your needs and wants.

You say you want to kill me, well apart of me already died when I had to
walk from what was suppose to be my eternal forever.
I'm sorry you're hurt, but i'm satisfied with my decision on leaving you.
My heart will endure no more pain, from your artificial love.
Maybe you will find a man that will satisfy that inner beast in you.
And when you do, tell him make sure he gets you a heart transplant so
maybe, just maybe you get a heart filled with true love.
Although you wish ill feelings towards me and wish my soul to hell.
I pray that you find piece in your heart to forgive me for whatever you
feel I did to you.
I was always told it was better to have loved and lost than never
loved at all.

But I beg to differ.
A bitter sweet ending to a love that never existed.

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  1. Hello Alfreda. Just looking over the past of people I did collabs with and this piece happens to be my favorite. I hope all is well with you. I will eventually drop my book release. I will keep you posted.