Friday, August 31, 2012

It's You.....

Will you sit with me
While I tell you my thoughts
And you wrap your mind around my desires
Making them relax
And pour right into your dreams
Stirring up my frustrations
Tapping them
So they will obey
Your every demand

Don't let me forget
How many days and nights
You stood by my side
As I laid there aimlessly
Searching for my sight to return
For you lead me through the gates
Your aura was so bright
It brought meaning to my words
Surely you know what life it gave me
The flowers bloomed
The ocean had a breeze
The trees danced gracefully
The sun set was at it best
When you rose like the sun
The moon transcended the heavens
When you spoke to it

Now that i'm awake
Will you sit with me
While I remember the life
That you shared with me
Once upon a dream
As I look in the midst of you
And declare
That it's you
That I have been longing
And dreaming of
As you have become my reality
It's You....

Monday, August 27, 2012


As you prodded my soul
I became like a grande
I exploded after each stroke
Of your passion pouring from your lips
Persuasion turned my mind inside out
And left me lying in my dreams

Smoked filled rooms
Of heat seeping through windows
Like marijuana
You smoked me
Through your peace pipe
And exhaled me slowly
Leaving me in an orgasmic state

Bodies flowing with ease
Poetically you drank of me
Like a fine wine
You gave me more pleasure
That got better with every minute
Of every hour
Soaking me in your lustful desires

Production of your cosmic visions
Were laid out across the bed
Like a prototype
You built me up
And kept me rising to the top
In pursuit of your labido
So that your movements
Would take me even higher

Your love was creeping
It slipped right on in
Like an infection
You coursed through my veins
And answered all your questions
As you fore filled
Your every desire
Upon my body and soul
As you left me complete....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Let me place you in a dream
Singing with the wind caressing your smile
Holding hands and kissing
In the cool summers night
Remembering love at it's best

Let me place you in a vision
Whispering like the dripping of sweet glaze
As it falls over your skin
Soft, silky and creamy
You melted and I soaked you all in

Let me place you back in reality
I laid upon your sun rise
And the moon and stars
Came out in your day time
Your sun never set
Because time was never kept

Like the ocean waves
You rose to the occasion
You dove deep
And caused a riptide explosion
You dissolved like an ice pop

Slowly, seeping through
In my mouth and left a sweet taste
Of honey dew
And of you behind

You eased your way down
There you were most profound
As you placed your name in the midst
Of my crown jewel....

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Pouring down your water on me
Soaking my mind
And lying me down with ease
Settling into my temple
Seeking to destroy and break through the walls
Of light that is so divine within me

Slowly dripping inch by inch
Through my memories
Drenching every particle of their confines
Leaving cracks and indentations
Revealing the hidden mystery
That lies within

Trickling with infused passion
Opening my visions and expanding them
With illusions of voodoo
Make me rise
Like the waves in the ocean
Freely flowing
As my heart beats to your Kiss....