Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hold On..

On this day that you have come to me
You have given me a life time of you
I will no longer hold back my true feelings inside
You are worthy to have and to hold
All my life you have just been holding on
Longing for the day that I let go
And fall into your love
The winds will blow softly
As I kiss you sweetly upon your lips
The rivers will flow smoothly
As you lay upon me
The clouds will float longingly across the skies
As you place your hands upon my thighs
The earth will stop spinning
As you enter into me gently
Time will stand still
As love is being made
Sands will stop moving
As life as we change for the better
Music will play so serene
As we are placed into a realm of seduction
Melodies of your sweet voice will ring out
As passion escapes thee
Symphonies of pleasure will soothe your mind
As desires roll out of my core
Ecstasy will be the last piece of the puzzle
As we are drained of all our essence
And showered it upon one another......

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