Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The day that you came into his life was the first day
That he truly knew what love was and meant
His love covers all the she is and all that she will be
He walked and slept her and nothing could remove his love from her
He moved with ease when she was in his presence
Nothing could stop him from making the world go around
When she looked up into his face
With those big beautiful eyes so bright
The love that showed in his smile
Was beyond this earth
She out shined the stars in his eyes
She out shown that moon and the heavens above
When she laughed his entire world lit up
When he saw her first tears because he was leaving
He knew then that he could never leave her aside
Her heart and soul are way too precious to break
When she spoke her first words to him
He knew then that her words would always be sweet to him
As she walked towards him
The way she moved stumbling and almost falling
And he knew then that she would always be the love of his life....

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