Saturday, February 25, 2012

Follow Me...Part II

Now we have entered the room you can now
take off the blind fold like what you see this is
a special game I want to name it,juices can you 
you stand it well I see you need to be placed on your knees 
before me say my name over and over again
love that long tongue you are hitting me with lashes in my hot
spot making me to beg you, for some more...
please stop as I will ride you against the floor to the wall

Now I need you to have your mouth wide open here is a 
a drink for you first I can see your eyes and the essence of
my body riding you so gently loving it but it's not over yet
and yet you still have the taste of my secretions Mummm 

Did you not noticed the flavor of sweet strawberries did
you not taste sweet melon dew it was a special mixture just for
you now slowly let me rise I can hear your heart beat well
no need to rush this shall take some time I feel your rise

Now in a little take it out some long strokes,be gentle,let it
it go, slow,fast,slow,fast,can you feel the walls as they are
calling you and you can say to me, I was the freak did you bring
the glass of Ice to be placed upon your chest how nice, cool
off time let the flow go can you feel the warmth from with

 my body yes you can I have to spank you,again 
you like it hold that position I can feel that long tongue 
again from the start of my neck

Now we are making eye contact sweating is getting deep as 
we continue on can you handle me can you, tell me to my face loving
it right down to the very end you have my attention because I 
realized this was a beautiful thing let it be known you are indeed
a excellent lover~! I'm ready again~!

Written By: Rosalind Cherry

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