Saturday, February 25, 2012

Follow Me... Part I

Down the hall there's a room
Will you have the courage in follow me
All the pleasures you desire and conspire to have
Lets not play this game any more
let me take control of your thoughts for a few
Look deep into these eyes
Focus there wont be any surprises
You got it now....
What are your deepest desires

Let me sit in your mouth
Twirl me and roll with me
Lick the very contour of my being
Make my lips engorged with pleasure
Drips of sweet secretions on your tongue
Reminisce of me will stain your mind

Encompass my candy-coated fruit
Let your soft full lips expand your horizons
Relive your suckling days as you coo
Oh yes boo...
The roundness of my full breast
will set your chest to rising faster
Your breathing will not cease
just yet that is.....

You will rise and I will fall
To my knees
As your eyes beg me please
Moist warm and soft my lips and tongue are
Tease a little
Lick a little
Magic happens and your width disappears
Engulfed it is...

Humming a tune to your demise
Weak as your knees start to tremble
Around and around
In and out
From the tip to the bottom I will go
Nice and slow...
Grab my head trying to take control
No that's not how it goes....
This is just a taste of things to come
Now just relax and let it flow
From my chin to my chest it will go
Screams and Moans
Heard from a far
No watch me as I swallow.....

Follow me for your untimely silence
As your mind spins
In a daze you are
Reaching and reaching
Your majic stick calls out for more
Throbbing and aching to go in

Abundantly you will grope my curvaceous hips and thighs
Looking deep into my sway
As you are hypnotized
You need to engulf it all
Plunder these here movements
As I trickle down through your mind
Let me release your Endorphins so that you can rise

Run your tongue across my back
And down across my butt
Leave traces of moist heat so it seeps through my pores
And down to the floor
We will let your tongue slide where no man has resided
Contain yourself....
This is just the fore play.......

Accentuate your dotting of my eyes
Punctuate the end of my sentences
Take my ship by force
Alleviate your suffering and puncture my pussy
Dive deep and don't cum up to breath
Making thrusting motions firm and rigorous
Deranged you will become
Dependent on me you shall see
Belligerent, stuttering, shaking, gasping
For air, as you go faster and deeper
Trying to get that release
Let me have your climatic explosion
No I wont let you explode
Just yet.....
Empty we...
And lay my body on shore.....

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