Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Alfreda Ghee

Peel away your mask and show me who you really are
Let me into your world so I can explore your realms of diversity
Pour unto me your soul and let me rise into you
Seek from me all the desires of your wildest dreams
Follow me into the night and let me be your guiding light
Rain down on me what you have been wanting to remove from your spirit
Simply take of me what I have to give
Eat of my mind and lay in my dreams
Listen to my soul and taste my visions
Drink of my heart and smell my essence
Tell me what part of me have you not part taken of
And I will allow you to have it wholeheartedly
Walk with me so I can give you apart of my inner passions
And place them upon your chest
Simply come in out of the cold and let me warm thee
Listen to the beating of my heart and stroke it with your finger tips
Place your lips upon mine and share in this wine
Never leaving any scraps behind for another to find
My knowledge of you have been enhanced from your inner truths
Take a long look at me as you peel back my layers
And explore my realms 
While you fall in love with whom I am...

Senat Lovely Marie

What must one do,such a Devine specimen you are,she appears to love
you but let me present my case as she did.I breathe you with every
fiber in my being,I Smile with just the mention of your name,I look for
tomorrow as I live in our passionate emotions you've manage
to capture as they burst from hibernation,my soul has blossom wider
then all the flowers in any garden,as I encounter other souls,they can
smell the love seeping through my pores,I'm alive through you,I'm alive
because of you,I'm living only for you,wondering in my mind who's love is
greater mines or hers,feeling you deep within the follicles of my
hair,you've consumed all that is me in every possible way,the rhythm of
your heartbeat puts my soul at ease,your touch shatters every thought
of future loneliness,while providing Xrated comfort,passion so fierce that
words have not even been created to describe.your love has me living
life light as a peacock feather,but I must tread lightly because I know
she's in love with you as well,knowing what I feel it makes me wonder
who will be the better woman & let you go...........

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Broken...Inside..... COLLABORATION BY Alfreda Ghee and Miguel Keaton

You had the key to my inner being
Now it's back in my grasp away from your reach
The nights that we made love
And peace was still
The light in my soul glowed with no doubt
Promises were made that night
But yet you broke them and turned my days dark
How can you stand there and look me in my eyes
With a little cocky smile upon your face
They say love hurts
But that's not true at all.......
Love can't hurt it's only an emotion from deep within
The actions of you.... are what hurt me so
Don't you feel the pain you have cause me
You don't understand the ramifications of this tragedy

The artificial love you poured into my soul
Has clogged my heart and locked my mind
The dried flowers you set upon the table
Reminds me of what I see in the mirror
when i'm looking at my spirit
Now that love isn't really here
If this is what your love looks like

Then your hate must be beautiful in sight
Can't say that you did me wrong
Because you only did what I allowed
But surly you felt something for me
How could you not when I gave you all of my heart
Rain falls every day now that the truth has appeared
Tears stain my cheeks for days on end
If my love wasn't promised for you then who
Oh who will take it and cherish it
Without breaking my heart again...

A beast I am becoming
Ravaging all that comes within my grasp
You have left me alone now the beast within
Is seeking to destroy you
Watch where you path leads
Because in the end my bridge you will surly pass over again
No... I wont be easy with you
Surly the pain that you caused me

You can see
I am green through and through
Now im angry and coming for you
Don't walk easy now your walk before was strong and proud
I came and learned a thing or two
Never sleep while the beast is hunting for you

Think of the beast that you left inside of me
Now you are running for your life
How funny is that
Don't turn your back on me
Face me so I can shoot you in your heart
So you can see what my pain was like

Heat, burning, searing your soul
No you wont die tonight
But who knows promises were made
But yet they were broken tonight
I hope you grow old with no one to hold
For an eternity the beast will reside inside of your soul.....

Miguel Keaton

You say you're broken inside
How could that be, when you were never made whole
Well you were made whole, but not for me
Yes that night we made love, I was like a kid in Disney World.
We explored many mountains with our love, but like every story book
fairy tale
It must come to and end

And you make it like it was all my fault
You had your issues in this journey.
You act as if I never did love you.
But you made loving you an impossible task when you would never
communicate with me.
There were days when I would come home from work to talk, but you were too
busy talking to your friends.
You made me feel as if nothing about me was important to you.
Now it looks as if your hurt has become hate for me.
How can you hate the one you never loved.
You never wanted the love my heart had locked inside.
You say you loved me, but instead you were in lust with me.

I wanted to love you. I wanted to make love to you.
I wanted to consume your every thought.
I wanted to leave an emotional print on your heart
But you would't let me.
You were too consumed with yourself and want to only satisfy your needs and wants.

You say you want to kill me, well apart of me already died when I had to
walk from what was suppose to be my eternal forever.
I'm sorry you're hurt, but i'm satisfied with my decision on leaving you.
My heart will endure no more pain, from your artificial love.
Maybe you will find a man that will satisfy that inner beast in you.
And when you do, tell him make sure he gets you a heart transplant so
maybe, just maybe you get a heart filled with true love.
Although you wish ill feelings towards me and wish my soul to hell.
I pray that you find piece in your heart to forgive me for whatever you
feel I did to you.
I was always told it was better to have loved and lost than never
loved at all.

But I beg to differ.
A bitter sweet ending to a love that never existed.

Moments Like This

Moments like this I don't want to wake up
I don't want my reality to be moved from my dreams
When you smile into my heart
I fall deeper and deeper in love with you
Though you are far away
My soul still mums to your beating heart
You chose to give me more than just one look
You gave me intimacy and I fell so far in love with you
That I couldn't understand how my world was spinning out of control
only you can lead me by the hand
You took me down that road
That I never thought I would find my way back
My lips quiver when yours are close to mine
The soft touch of your hand touching the small of my back
The gentle touch of your body clothed  touching mine
The scent of you lingered all around
You got me floating on cloud 9
Intimacy intertwined between you and I
My eyes long to bask in your warmth
If life was cold I would never know it
Because your souls pours out and warms me through and through
Your sweet words ease my pain
It soothes my insecurities
And leaves me whole again
It's moments like this That I must say
Where have you been all my life
I wish there were more moments like this.....

Something About You............ Collaboration By; PoetauthorRoberto Denaro Styles and Alfreda Ghee

Don’t know what it is…….

Just something about you
Questioning myself
Wondering is this a dream
Or is this true…..
My heart has traveled a long road
As unload the empty spaces
Traces of me left here and there
But the moment our paths crossed
Boy……was I ill prepared
As my mind drifts
The sight of you
My heartbeat shifts
Beating to your drum roll
I just want to…..
Savor the flavor
Of your passionate kisses
Yes….you my sweet misses
Unexpectedly….you came along
Again I ask…..what is this…..
Hoping what I express
Doesn’t get misconstrued…..
Not one to play a game
Not one that believes in fairy tales
What is happening here
What is this……
I just want to caress you
I desire your sweetness
To taste you
The sweetness of your lips
Still….this is driving crazy
This is more than lust….
Still wondering….
Why am I feeling like this

Your are more to me than just
More than just your shapely folds
I can see you are a giver
Its as if….you fit my every mold
Never expected this to be…..
Why is this…..
That I feel such a connection
When I look at you……
As if I see my own reflection

Why is it……..
Why do I feel such a connection
You match my reflection
As you were brought forth to me
From the highs of heaven
Maybe I just need …
Talk to the reverend
Maybe I need therapy
Feeling like I’m love sick
Before you……
I felt lifeless…..
Many have extended there suggestive
But none them could match up to you
My hearts pounding at rapid speeds
It’s the warmth of your embrace I need
Maybe I’m wrong……
Your are the high note
To that endless love song
You are heart
You are my soul
You are my entity
A completion of me
Which makes we
Just trying to understand….
Why my heart is talking to my this way…..

Only time will tell……
I guess someday
Maybe I will understand…
What it is to be……

Just something about this
How we crossed paths
Divinely orchestrated

As if……this was meant to be…..

Or maybe it’s just me…….

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

Man I saw the stars that shined bright through your eyes
It could have been the moon light in your smile
It boggles my mind how you wonder through time and space
I can't seem to erase these visions of your face
My every thought and move I see your masculinity rolling from within your soul
Your muscles so firm and lean Hmmm hoping that all this is really what it seems

Looking at you I see something different coming from you
It moves me to want to love you 
Like you have never been loved before
Show me how to get that key to your inner door
If crossing your path was the divine way of getting me to open my eye to this wonderful surprise
Then let me in and we can both win

You have something that I can't seem to put into words
It stirs my inner being and moves me to my core
Im not sure where this road leads for you and I but until now I have never tried
Can you see what I see behind your eyes
You have a soul that pure like gold
Im sure that you have been told this many times before
But rest a sure that this time its going to be much much more

No more waiting no more wasting time
You will be my beginning
You are my divinity
You are my strength
You are the light that shines from me
Which makes me understand why my heart beats so fast 
Now I understand why the circle of life is always beginning and never ending 
Because our love will always stand true!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Set Love Free

Trapped and can't escape this pain that I feel                            
My tears run down like the rain on the window pane
You have gone and turned my heart into rubble
And now it's shattered beyond repair

Don't you see all the despair in my eyes
Struggling to be set free
When will you let love come out
I can't take this any longer
You holding back
It's time I take the lead and let you follow
In my footsteps...

Open this window that leads to your soul
Open this door that leads to your spirit
Open your eyes that leads to your heart
Open yourself to me and let me flow in and out

I want to stop this pain that you hide inside
I want you to ride on this cloud thats been float above for you
I want you to relax and let these tears drop for me
I want all of you and I want you to have all of me

Come and listen to my mind as it whispers extravagant words
Take my hand and just let me lead you far away
To where only love is found in lovers land.......

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Follow Me...Part II

Now we have entered the room you can now
take off the blind fold like what you see this is
a special game I want to name it,juices can you 
you stand it well I see you need to be placed on your knees 
before me say my name over and over again
love that long tongue you are hitting me with lashes in my hot
spot making me to beg you, for some more...
please stop as I will ride you against the floor to the wall

Now I need you to have your mouth wide open here is a 
a drink for you first I can see your eyes and the essence of
my body riding you so gently loving it but it's not over yet
and yet you still have the taste of my secretions Mummm 

Did you not noticed the flavor of sweet strawberries did
you not taste sweet melon dew it was a special mixture just for
you now slowly let me rise I can hear your heart beat well
no need to rush this shall take some time I feel your rise

Now in a little take it out some long strokes,be gentle,let it
it go, slow,fast,slow,fast,can you feel the walls as they are
calling you and you can say to me, I was the freak did you bring
the glass of Ice to be placed upon your chest how nice, cool
off time let the flow go can you feel the warmth from with

 my body yes you can I have to spank you,again 
you like it hold that position I can feel that long tongue 
again from the start of my neck

Now we are making eye contact sweating is getting deep as 
we continue on can you handle me can you, tell me to my face loving
it right down to the very end you have my attention because I 
realized this was a beautiful thing let it be known you are indeed
a excellent lover~! I'm ready again~!

Written By: Rosalind Cherry

Follow Me... Part I

Down the hall there's a room
Will you have the courage in follow me
All the pleasures you desire and conspire to have
Lets not play this game any more
let me take control of your thoughts for a few
Look deep into these eyes
Focus there wont be any surprises
You got it now....
What are your deepest desires

Let me sit in your mouth
Twirl me and roll with me
Lick the very contour of my being
Make my lips engorged with pleasure
Drips of sweet secretions on your tongue
Reminisce of me will stain your mind

Encompass my candy-coated fruit
Let your soft full lips expand your horizons
Relive your suckling days as you coo
Oh yes boo...
The roundness of my full breast
will set your chest to rising faster
Your breathing will not cease
just yet that is.....

You will rise and I will fall
To my knees
As your eyes beg me please
Moist warm and soft my lips and tongue are
Tease a little
Lick a little
Magic happens and your width disappears
Engulfed it is...

Humming a tune to your demise
Weak as your knees start to tremble
Around and around
In and out
From the tip to the bottom I will go
Nice and slow...
Grab my head trying to take control
No that's not how it goes....
This is just a taste of things to come
Now just relax and let it flow
From my chin to my chest it will go
Screams and Moans
Heard from a far
No watch me as I swallow.....

Follow me for your untimely silence
As your mind spins
In a daze you are
Reaching and reaching
Your majic stick calls out for more
Throbbing and aching to go in

Abundantly you will grope my curvaceous hips and thighs
Looking deep into my sway
As you are hypnotized
You need to engulf it all
Plunder these here movements
As I trickle down through your mind
Let me release your Endorphins so that you can rise

Run your tongue across my back
And down across my butt
Leave traces of moist heat so it seeps through my pores
And down to the floor
We will let your tongue slide where no man has resided
Contain yourself....
This is just the fore play.......

Accentuate your dotting of my eyes
Punctuate the end of my sentences
Take my ship by force
Alleviate your suffering and puncture my pussy
Dive deep and don't cum up to breath
Making thrusting motions firm and rigorous
Deranged you will become
Dependent on me you shall see
Belligerent, stuttering, shaking, gasping
For air, as you go faster and deeper
Trying to get that release
Let me have your climatic explosion
No I wont let you explode
Just yet.....
Empty we...
And lay my body on shore.....

Friday, February 24, 2012

Never Knew

When you walked into my life
I never knew you would make me feel like this
My hips and thighs arched when your footsteps are heard
As your voice becomes clear
My waters start to leak and pour
When my soul feels your breath
My mind begins to wonder
Lift me and let me rise to the occasion
Devour my flavor of love
Inhale my exotic tension that stands on end
Exhale my conscience and bring my seduced being to you
Lay me upon a bed of roses
And allow me to roll into your thickness
Make deep waves of thrust into my ocean wetness
Causing waterfalls to over flow
So drink of the puddles that's left behind
For the gift of life has come and you have part taken in it
You are engorged with lustful longings
While I am impregnated with desires of tasting you
Exploding with the tick tock of the bodies clapping
Sweat rolls and you continue to go
Tasting my sweet tears of my essence
As they take you above and beyond the mountain top
You are embedded in my every move
And locked into this sensual groove
Elated from the elation of you rising and rising
Becoming bigger and bigger as the seduction continues
Until the eruption of two souls become one simultaneous explosion of passion
When you walked through my door
I never knew that you would make love feel like this....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Repaired Love

COLLABEORATION DONE BY: Alfreda Ghee and Allen Simmons

Alfreda Ghee

We need to talk and I need for you to listen
No... Don't speak until im finished......
I need to know how much you love me 
I need you to show me
My darling it has been a long time since
We have embarked upon one another flesh
I will lay upon your chest and stroke you for hours
When will you touch my thighs
as I provoke your inner desires to be released 
And make your nature rise
While your body moves in convulsions of thrust 
From my lip locking upon your spaces of length and width
You will rise and fall at my beckoning call
As I hum along your balls
Making you dizzy with me inside your head
But you will be enlighten as you rain down your essence of life 
upon my mind
I will give it back to you when you thrust forward as we move in
simultaneous pulsations of doggy style rhythms and motions
Making musical sounds of bodies clapping and smacking
This marriage was laid to rest and now
It will be awaken by this interweaving of you and I
Will you rush in and take a taste of this lavish fruit whileI rain down my
sweetness upon your lips
Allow me to walk over your contours of your body placing lite kisses
and licks all around
I will ride you until the midnight hour
Stroking you from the front to the back in every room
Dipping and diving and striving to drain you of everything you've got
So lets stop all this holding out and start
Releasing what we call built up marriage blues
 Allen Simmons

Baby, I realize that my love for you, might not what your heart might
have desired, but believe me, when I say to you, I want to give you
pure fire, I want to unleash this inner freak, living within me, Sex you
beyond comprehension, and let our bodies roam free. Love should have
no limits, and we should be able to fully explore,every carnal position
imaginable, let me release your inner whore. Let's kiss every inch of each
others private areas, and enjoy one another's natural flavors,
ubiquitous pleasures we have longed to savor. You are my soulmate,
and once, our hearts, were as one, let's take down these guarded
feelings, just relax and have fun. White sand beaches and tropical
isles,drinks out of coconuts, and plenty of wedded blissful smiles. My
Queen, I want only to be your true, and to satisfy you fully, let me just
ravish you. Be my dinner, and spread your inner thigh, let me feast upon
you, and give you tears of pleasure, as time strolls by,but standing in
place, as I kick back, enjoying your vicious tongue, loving my climax. We
will hold each other,tightly and lovingly, never letting go,engrossed in
our erotic lovemaking,going at it nice and slow. Sweet romantic melodies
will fill the air, as I enter your love canal from behind, and gently, pull
your hair. Each stroke I hit you with, will be sexy and precise, emptying
my hot sticky inside of you baby, oooh, wouldn't that be nice? Losing
you is not an option, you are my heartbeat, I need you to live,let's get
our romance on track, because I've got so much love to give.

Alfreda Ghee

My darling, i'll take your love if you will receive mine entirely
Let me explain the waysI want to share in ecstasy
Bask in your passions of love on top of lust
Knowing that your desires will surly shake the roof
But my love will climb mountains and take you to the tip top
I want you to be laid upon my thrown while you hear me whisper sweet words of wanting you
Entrust in me your heart once again
Let me take you on a flight that has no return ticket
While we soar over the rivers and valleysAnd float on the clouds as you learn my love once again
Look into my eyes im still that loving woman you once knew
Let me bring a smile to heart and soul and place it upon your face
Follow me down the hall where our intimacy will persuade you to love me all the more
Can you hear my heart beat
Do you hear my soul calling for you
Will you hear my spirit singing a melody
That sounds like angels in perfect harmony
That is the love that comes from within a beautiful soul
That is deeply in love with you
My nights have been empty and my days have been dry
Since you have touched me my heart longs no more
This love is endless and we have opened the door
To a new beginning for you and I...

Allen Simmons

In essence my love, what we feel, and what we are expressing, is the
same,but because of lack in our communication, therein, brought about
pain,I desire all that you speak of, maybe even more, my blood pumps
insanely for your love, for it is you, that I adore. No more silence, held in
because of rejection, now I speak openly, of wanting your immediate
affection. Celebrate our union, shouting high from the mountain tops, to
the deeps valley's, my love, will never stop,Over running in abundance,
for you to appreciate and receive, Absorb every ounce that spurts forth
from my heated loins, into your saturated sheave. Wrap your body
around mine, as we share our bed, everlasting sexual satisfaction,
replaces humiliation instead. I can't imagine my life without you, such an
empty place,surrounded by walls of loneliness and hollow space,You
touch, electrified my sense, and it feels, so damn good,As I witness my
Angel, riding and possessing her Kings Royal wood,All night we will bask
in this immortal dance, captivating each other in this erotica trance...Can
we make it back to Loveland, the beginning of our start...All it takes, is a
simple nod, for you are the Lady that lives in my heart! I love you baby!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sea Shore, See Sure....

Can't seem to think while your breath is in my ear
The scent of you drives me insane
Just the thought of you
Has me running in circles
Your thoughts ring with seductions
That make me drip with wetness
Every step you make
It drives my desires to reign down fire
And set me ablaze
It's hot.... You have finally reached the spot
As your eyes move sweetly over my body
Moving like the wind with crisp clean direction
Leaving tingling sensations of star dust trails
Scintillating renditions of sexual interludes
Of you positioning your thrust of lust on corners of my shores
Dripping with salty sea water upon my beach
Swaying from here to there breathless...... gasping for air
Wait............ Let me exhale........
Leave me your scent so I can bask in the ambiance of you
Trickle down your life and let it fall upon my secrets
Fill me with your dreams and fondle me with your visions
Unleash your inhibitions and allow them to leave your residue along the walls of the room
Leaving nothing to be untouched
Open your mind to loving me in ways that you never before dreamed
Release your unspoken vows and give into your calls lust
Make me flow like a river flowing into a sea
And you will thirst no more for I will quench it and your lips will drip
With sweet liquids of me
Just unravel my loins and indulge as you please
I will feed you your every meal as you place your lips upon my flesh
Softly flowing with the gentle breeze
Gentlly persuading you to come in
Hypnotizing you as the salty mist touches yours skin
Look deep into this sea of life
And make sure that its not to deep on your way in....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Come hold my hand
As we sit and share thoughts
Come look into my eyes
As we look into the heavens
Come hear my sweet sensual words
As we hear the symphony of loved played
Come explore my love
As we venture in this seduction
Come turn back my hands of time
As we go back in the past
Come bask in my lyrical passion
As we sway  to touches of our bodies
Come move my soul
As we warm in each others glow
Come open my heart
As we make this love grow
Come enlighten my spirit
As we take flight into the stars
Come and make love to my mind
As we imagine what the future holds....


The day that you came into his life was the first day
That he truly knew what love was and meant
His love covers all the she is and all that she will be
He walked and slept her and nothing could remove his love from her
He moved with ease when she was in his presence
Nothing could stop him from making the world go around
When she looked up into his face
With those big beautiful eyes so bright
The love that showed in his smile
Was beyond this earth
She out shined the stars in his eyes
She out shown that moon and the heavens above
When she laughed his entire world lit up
When he saw her first tears because he was leaving
He knew then that he could never leave her aside
Her heart and soul are way too precious to break
When she spoke her first words to him
He knew then that her words would always be sweet to him
As she walked towards him
The way she moved stumbling and almost falling
And he knew then that she would always be the love of his life....

Hold On..

On this day that you have come to me
You have given me a life time of you
I will no longer hold back my true feelings inside
You are worthy to have and to hold
All my life you have just been holding on
Longing for the day that I let go
And fall into your love
The winds will blow softly
As I kiss you sweetly upon your lips
The rivers will flow smoothly
As you lay upon me
The clouds will float longingly across the skies
As you place your hands upon my thighs
The earth will stop spinning
As you enter into me gently
Time will stand still
As love is being made
Sands will stop moving
As life as we change for the better
Music will play so serene
As we are placed into a realm of seduction
Melodies of your sweet voice will ring out
As passion escapes thee
Symphonies of pleasure will soothe your mind
As desires roll out of my core
Ecstasy will be the last piece of the puzzle
As we are drained of all our essence
And showered it upon one another......

Sin-sational (A sinfully tastefull collab with the wonderful Russell Smith!)

Your touch sizzles my pores.
Your silky kiss lingers upon my lips.
Each caress leaves me wanting more.
I love the way you move your hips.
Give it all to me.

The sensation,
Tingles up and down my spine.
Heavy perspiration,
Beading on your skin and mine.

You take me to places
I've never been with the rest.
My heart races,
Almost beats out of my chest.
I love your technique, your method
Your style
Give to me Baby!

Two bodies in motion
Deep in the night.
Having drank love's potion
And it feels so right.

Let your fingers do the walking,
While your lips explore,
Parts of me,
As I beg for more.

Our bodies meld into one
Playing in ecstasy land.
Bodies united,
As we bump and grind.

Eagerly exploring every inch
From the top of your head
To the tips of your toes.
Enjoying the way you wiggle and flinch
Your moans incite me, your breathing entices
I am doing something right and it shows.

I sink my teeth into your flesh
Exuding just the right amount of bite,
Oh Baby, this might be a sin
but My God, it feels so right!

Thrill me,
Fill me with excitement.
Please me,
Tease me,
Get in the moment.

Bodies thrusting,
Sweat glistening,
Moans are beckoning

for more.

Excitement growing,
Pleasure building,
The sensations are mind blowing.
Is it hot in here or is it just you?
Your body beckons and mine responds fast.
Every touch every kiss every caress
is more intense than the last.

We begin to move with a rhythm
Passion and harmony is all that we know.
You're breaking me down like light through a prism,
as we make love in varying speeds from fast to slow.

No one in the world exists but you and I.
Our tongues tangle in flames of desire.
Your sighs, your moans, your 'I love you'
only help to stoke the fire.

Pleasures building,
Bodies quaking,
Is this Utopia
We are making?

Here it comes,
I let it out,
Hear your name as I shout!
Ride the waves,
Hear me moan,
My body craves,
You that which I own.

Well, that was I need a smoke!

© Joyce Gage and Russell Smith 2012 All Rights reserved......any dreams you have from this are reserved too! ; )