Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We, Us.....One...

My essence is of you
brought to life
by all that you do
words that you speak
they seek me out

feeling the way I do
you have wooed me
made me fall in love
all over again

my head is laid
on the pillow
thinking of you
I open my eyes
there is where your face appears

smile out shines the sun
blocks out the cloudiest days
and make sun rays
stop the rain from falling

catches my tear drop
and savor them in a bottle
and place them at the
bottom of the tulip vase
to water and make them
blossom into a beautiful flower

for all to admire
my beauty from afar
as you smile
wondering all the while
knowing that I
was all that you ever longed for
and believing that I
was that you needed
to make we, us
complete as one....

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