Monday, August 27, 2012


As you prodded my soul
I became like a grande
I exploded after each stroke
Of your passion pouring from your lips
Persuasion turned my mind inside out
And left me lying in my dreams

Smoked filled rooms
Of heat seeping through windows
Like marijuana
You smoked me
Through your peace pipe
And exhaled me slowly
Leaving me in an orgasmic state

Bodies flowing with ease
Poetically you drank of me
Like a fine wine
You gave me more pleasure
That got better with every minute
Of every hour
Soaking me in your lustful desires

Production of your cosmic visions
Were laid out across the bed
Like a prototype
You built me up
And kept me rising to the top
In pursuit of your labido
So that your movements
Would take me even higher

Your love was creeping
It slipped right on in
Like an infection
You coursed through my veins
And answered all your questions
As you fore filled
Your every desire
Upon my body and soul
As you left me complete....

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