Monday, July 23, 2012


When he walked
It was like he had a sweet scent
Emitting from under his feet
Every step was like he was crushing sweet lilac leaves
It soothed the sir of my pain
Made my head spin leaving a hint of love behind
That he could spare

When his eyes looked deep into mine
It was like he laid me down with a sweet kiss
Upon my lips
Every kiss was placed neatly
Like a feather placed inside a pillow
From an angels wings

When his hands caressed my cheeks
It was light and warm spring breeze
Grazing over the oceans surface just to ruffle it's skin
To make it blush, underneath its bosom
It was laid so gently
That the ocean rose to meet it's courting touch

While she laid in her rise
She knew that love had come
As scents made her heart flutter
She knew that this was the beginning
Surely those sweet kisses were reality
The caressing of her cheeks
Made every part of her soul awaken
For the first time
To knowing love would never end...

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