Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aching Tears...

I can't leave
my tears of a broken heart
behind to stand the test of time
carrying the burden
of the weight of sorrow
in my eyes
is  like death
sitting on the the edge of the seat
with mildew lying under the cushion
of my heart beat
thump thump
goes the echoing of the wild

sounds ringing in the back ground of my mind
hiding, scurrying, flopping, and
dropping bombs like its World War III
leaving shrapnel riddled in my body
from C4 exploding at my front door
tears run down like the rains
falling in the tropical forest
when it's the rainy season
body limp, dried, hard and sore
can't take this torture
any more
eyes falling down
closing, closing, closing
darting from side to side
rolling around in my head
they want to scream out
take me from this insanity
deliver me from these burning flames
i'm seeing in this underworld
no sleep will my seeing eyes get

the tears lie in wait to steal
just one moment to be free
of the desolate pit that waits
 for them to drip on in...

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