Friday, October 12, 2012


My mind wonders
as you transcend my transgressions
feeling my lips and mouth with your words
spitting, expelling, translucent whispers
of lustful incantations of our desires
singing in the winds
across my body they are laid
with moisture, soaked hands
that rubs every inch of my bliss

My body flutters
at the touch of your voice
coursing the outer stretches
of my curvaceous hips and thighs
speaking magical spells
of fire rising, burning and boiling
while chills of warmth fondles
my inner fountain of exaltation
kneeling, spilling, wetness freely

Eyes awakening with pleasure
screaming, yelling anarchy
release me from you grasp
teasing, pleasing, stripping them
of their ability to see
what is there
making reality no more
sensing time has slowed
so all will be enjoyed
 just a little bit longer and more....

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