Thursday, July 12, 2012

Midnight Fantasy....

I will walk in the midnight hour for you
While you seduce me mentally
So you can stroke the outer limits of my vortex
Look deep into the everglades of my walls and wet your whistle
Upon my imagination of the twilight hour
Red is what I will wear to bed
Just like an apple I will peel every layer
Until I bite through to the core

Can you keep a secret
Or shall I show you what I want you to do
Place your mouth just there
I swear you will like it
Just as much as I will

Now you know what to do
Just move your tongue and flick it right there
Tease me if you must
Take a nibble and squeeze the juices out
You know how to get it flowing

Here it comes do hear the bursting of the flood gates
Everything is going blurry
Just fantasize, how it will be once you come inside
Put a plug deep within the walls
Lets see if you can make me run and hide

I don't want you to be shy
Take charge and go head in first
Slowly as you go
You know what to do
Let me walk in sweetly as I do
Take a chunk out of my juicy spot
Leave your name written in braille
So that only I will know what it spells

Eliminate my doubts and make me see the light
Tamper with my mind
As I speculate how to except you as you embark upon my dock
As you turned me into a freak
I became a vagabond from your sexual illusions
That accentuated your speaking in tongues
Which had my mind confused
And had my apple dripping on your lips
My panties were missing
I'm sure they were soaked
Because my thighs were moist
While walking in the midnight hour..

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