Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Melting like tears dripping from my eyes
Like the leaves on a weeping willow
Hanging low and leaning here and fro
But you caught every drop
Not an ounce of me touched the ground

Whispering words like a fountain over flowing with water
Like a water fall trickling down a rocks curves
Dripping here and there
But you savored the fresh mist
Not a word escaped your listening ear

Beating beating like a drummer boy on his drum
Like the pounding of wild horses running
Thundering thundering noises in the air
Basking in the sound of it's beauty
But you pronounced every beat it made

Blowing wind like the ocean caress the shore
Like your tongue filling my mouth
Tasting so sweet like berries off a new vines
You were elated with new life
As nothing has eluded your grasp......

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