Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Let me place you in a dream
Singing with the wind caressing your smile
Holding hands and kissing
In the cool summers night
Remembering love at it's best

Let me place you in a vision
Whispering like the dripping of sweet glaze
As it falls over your skin
Soft, silky and creamy
You melted and I soaked you all in

Let me place you back in reality
I laid upon your sun rise
And the moon and stars
Came out in your day time
Your sun never set
Because time was never kept

Like the ocean waves
You rose to the occasion
You dove deep
And caused a riptide explosion
You dissolved like an ice pop

Slowly, seeping through
In my mouth and left a sweet taste
Of honey dew
And of you behind

You eased your way down
There you were most profound
As you placed your name in the midst
Of my crown jewel....

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