Saturday, November 10, 2012

Your Bidding.....

The look in your eyes
make me believe there
is life beyond the stars
your soul pulls at my will
tugging and tugging
not letting go
of my yearnings and desires
as I sleep you fierce gaze
reveals to me
how my heart belongs to thee
your spirits lights my path
and guides my foot steps
to your front door
not knowing that this is
the beginning of all things to come
you reached into my soul
pulled out the cob webs
and blew them away
reviving all that I am
and opening me up
to all that you are
and will be to me
your heart beats once
mine beats three times
because it skips every time
you touch my core
the depths of my soul
to the out skirts of my being
I relinquish all of me to your bidding
of love........

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