Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We laid upon a bed of glass
As stones were cast as we sinned
You were cast out of the kingdom
I was branded a whore for all to see
Chastised and flogged... I was....

They thought it would keep me from wanting your brew
 Little did they know
That you were already coursing through my veins
You flow through me like the river Jordan
Staining my dreams with memories of loving you

My freedom has been taken
The likelihood of my escape
It's not in the near future
Love...They can't take that away from me
He will come and rescue me
For time is endless is his hands... you see

The window is small
Even though hope is large
The sky rolls on
As I wait your return
To lay upon a stone bed
Surely they will flank us
As they throw embers of flames upon our heads
Yet....They didn't even know....the stones they were casting
Would come back to haunt them in the end
All because love wouldn't say no.....

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