Thursday, October 11, 2012

Each Other...

Move me to enhance
my blossoming of my inner me
tease the even contours of my mind
seek to peel back the layers
of my lust that spills over
my cup as you fill it
squeeze every ounce of the desires
let them drain freely

wake the sleeping soul
so she can feel all you are
turning the hands of time
while they tick-tock, tick-tock
slowly making my body
rise at every corner
at every waking hour

slipping, slipping into a trance
leaving the source of my
openness completely ajar
kissing the very thought of you
lingers in my pleasures of touching
our bodies as one conduit
of many connections of one outlet

where you are the conductor
of my highs and lows
my peaks and my falls
the source of my moisten thighs
that leaks, spills, seeps and soaks
every inch of your mind
your thoughts,
your senses
to our imperfections
of loving each other..

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