Sunday, July 29, 2012


Like a cools summers breeze that lingers
You form and never dissipate from my soul
As a breathe of fresh air
That soaks my skin with it's coolness

Surrounded by the humming of your beating heart
Left in a world win of psychosis
Provoked, stimulated and left in a coma state
The infancy of my lustful desires
Have left me swooning and longing for your touch

Your organic flavor is simmering down my spine
It tingles and has ossified my soul
As not to allow it to spill out of your grasp
While our bodies oxidize and become one

My palate has tasted all of you
No longer do I want to relinquish your flesh
You have seized the depths of my soul
And have performed an exorcism on my mind
While placing exotic thoughts within my dreams

I want to be your joss stick
And burn throughout the night
Make the room like a scented candle
Sweet and easy to inhale all at once
I want to jolt your body with memories of me
While you leave me in a daze......

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