Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Looking deep into your soul
I saw your longing for love
You keep it hidden  when you are afraid
Your heart glows at the approach of another
That sings out to your rhythm
Its whisper will reach to the center of the earth
That is your core
Can you ponder on how love will pull you in

You will swirl like tornado winds
Lust will settle in soon if you don't hurry
Your mind will float like you are soaring in the atmosphere
Eyes will set and look deep into mine
Surely you will find what you have missed over time

Telepathy I will send you from within
Memories will be made
Life will have new mean as we know it
I will speak words into you like a ventriloquist
So you can vocalize
The disconnection from reality that you are feeling

My impregnation of my love within you
Will grow so strong that your vitality will grow
You will shed your outer layer of shyness
And sing freely that you love me so
Our solidarity will be one that can't be broken
Like a philistine you will run wildly in love

I will contaminate your veins
With love juice and stain your thoughts with only me
Consistency is what it will be
I will be the confectionery in our sweet kiss
Like the clematis, I will climb the walls of your heart
Leaving you beautiful flowers to remember the love we shared

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