Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Heavens gates were left open
When you walked out to find your soul
Never looking back for a word
No voices broke out in song
To guide you along your way
Only your heart could guide your path

You found her sitting patiently
Whispering into the wind
Calling your name and wishing
That you would bring her your fame
Your wings caressed her cheeks
Like a cold winters night
Sending chills and thrills across her mind

Her lips sweet and red
Waiting for yours to meet hers
In a sweet lovers embrace
Her hearts song rang loud and strong
No regrets for leaving heavens gates
When your eyes laid upon her soul
You exhaled and let all of your spirit free
To meet in the center of the smoke
Of our destiny being set free
You knew then that it was meant to be so

She out shine the stars above
Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly
She flew right into your heart
And made love even more beautiful
She looked into your eyes
A sunshine of light broke through
To your conscience
Reality was what it was called
Now that love has touched home

She laid upon your chest
As you engulfed her in your heavenly wings
She spread her spirit all across yours
And you joined as one
As heaven smiled down on you
Because your destiny has been set in line
All the while heavens gates closed
As you realized that love was your goal...

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