Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My head hurts
From the lumps and bumps
You have laid upon it
My brain is bruised
With confusion from all the contusions

This is no illusion 
I can't believe this is happening
He put up a big facade
Telling me he loved me
Plotting and eluding my intuition

Upper cuts to my stomach
I can't catch my breath
It was stolen when you put into my chest
Crushing my ribs
It felt like they have punctured my lungs

Gasping for air
Blood drips from my lips as it pours from my chest
Stop this please
I'm begging you while on my knees

Crunch went my eye sockets
Black and blue stains my eyes and cheeks
Couldn't see two feet in front of me
My face was nearly beaten to a pulp

Why do you keep saying its my fault
You stayed out all night
You dont work
Because you want to beat the pavement with your feet

You tried to break me down
You clustered my body with broken bones
From wrecking havoc on me
With a metal baseball bat
Can you imagine that
My bones broke through my skin

All you did was laugh in the end
Because you thought you did me in
I managed to call 911
But by the time the got here 
I was down for the count
Blood was every where
Llike the coward you are you ran away

I'm stronger than you think
The doctor said
"He didn't know how I survived
With the way my body was broken and beaten"

Months later he came and told me he was sorry 
And it will never happen again
well the cops pulled up
He pulled out a gun
He was coming to kill me
You know how it ends.....

My mind and body is free of all
The pain that consumed me
I smile from within now
Peace rules my world
fear still haunts me at time
Whenever a man smiles my way
Extending his hand to speak with a gentleman's jester...

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