Sunday, July 29, 2012

Your Depth...

You've shown me the depths of your soul
It's deeper than the deepest seas
Like life it carries much pain and love
To open it's valves you must flow through
It smoothly with no indiscretions and no expectations
That doesn't have flaws

Your mentality and sexuality
Comes together as one emotion
Bonded as one congruent equation
Of the beating of your hearts song
Lively in all that in brings forth

Broken into two halves
It wont function to it's full potential
Segregated and monopolized it flows out of tune
Conclusions are inclusive of a definitive movement
In the right direction

Sometimes fear projects the darkness
But your depth is far greater than any..... I have seen
The greatness out shines the old road left behind
Imprinted with your footsteps
For another to cross the same journey successfully

You have let me look into your eyes
Now I see where our paths met
In the out skirts of your soul
Leaving parts of you as a map for me to follow
Just so I will have a place in call home...
You've shown me....the depths...... of your soul....

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