Sunday, May 6, 2012

Funny Feelings

Some how love came into this place
Allowing hearts to be opened and not pained
Doors were locked and walls were built
To keep all emotions from coming too the surface

Love came as the warmth flowed all around
The scent of it was left lingering in the room
The chills that flowed freely
Came from the smiles and sparkles that were shown here and there
Smooth touches placed in all the right groves
Pounding of hearts loud clatter rings out

Sipping off a cool glass of mint and rum
Traveled long and far to find you
How could this have not been known
To come to the fore front of this day
Softly spoken in words of candor and pleasure
Swaying of the flowers that have pollinated the trees

Minds in a daze walking in a fuzzy way
Steps are placed lightly in the sand so as not to sink
To deep into the emotions that are flowing
So sweetly and gently
As the cool summers breeze graze the flushed cheeks
lying neatly on the sands of time

The sun is setting but will it show up
Here in it's rightful place seated in ecstasy
Hearts, souls and spirits move as one continues tune
Listening as the door falls and the walls are broken down
Creaks and loud thunderous sounds
Flashing lights, streaks of gold forms in eyes
Never before known this
Wishy- washy way of feeling so light
Love is a funny thing if you never before had it
When you discover that love has come for you after all....

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