Monday, May 7, 2012

Red Fangs Chase (Part II)

I met my creator 
Now we have to decide if we are foe or friend
He wants me to run by his side
For now i'm in 
We will fight side by side
Even though you did me in
Vengeance one day will soon be mine

The night air sets me free
Running effortlessly through the dark
Silently I seek my prey
As it moves it doesn't feel my eyes locked on him
Inside theirs a feeling that someone is watching them
As he walks, I stalk him and get his scent
Stand on the hill top waiting for him to falter
He hears a shuffle in the distance
He stops and turns around
A squirrel runs out and he starts to laugh
He carries on his was home
Walking through the darkness
Not knowing this will be his last
Hidden in the shadows of the midnight hour
Waiting and lurking in the corners of your mind
Suddenly, he starts to run 
Scared he has become
His hairs on the back of his neck are standing on end
In fear of his life
He began to scream
Go away leave me be

Oh this is fun, 
Now the chase has just begun
I smell the fear in the air
It's singes my nose hairs
Oh how it smells like raw meat with an old stench 
His heart is pumping fast, sweat is pouring off his brow
He looks back sees a beast at his heels
He runs and he falls and rolls down the hill
I pursue and as I do howling rolls off my chest
Informing the pack i've found my rack
I caught him with ease
I tripped him and he fell to the ground
He stood and tried to stare me down
He said come on I wont go without a fight
I said thats what I like
He swung and missed, I was too swift
I slashed him at his back and came to the front and slashed his chest
I didn't go too deep I wanted him to get his blood flowing 
To entice me, seduce my salivation and make me want him even more
He swung at me with a stick and I tore it to shreds
He grabbed another and it hit me on the side of my head
Enough of this toying around
I slashed at his head, Scalped him until I saw his brain
Sliced open his neck and got the best of the blood
Blood shot from his neck straight into my mouth
His brain tasted so good
A delicacy it is understood
His blood was sweet and juicy
The others came to share
I gave them the rest and went to pursue more
I was craving it you see
Hooked on what I used to be
I'm that beast that attacked and changed me
Morning came and I wasn't the same
I met a man, and he was just what I needed
I told him to meet me at the park by 9
What a fool he was to think I was sweet and innocent
He was taken by surprise
It was my disguise that caught his eyes
I let out the beast within me and showed him how beautiful and cunning I really was
I gave him a head start
About an hour I said
I took him in the woods and told him
Run as fast as you can
Don't look back or you will be dead
I pursued and he screamed like a new born child
I love the fear that I could smell on his breath 
Howling ensued and the pack came to watch my back
I tore his flesh from limb to limb
Blood was on the trees, sidewalk and grass
His body was tossed from here to there
I ate and drank all of him
Oh so sweet he was
The chase is bitter sweet 
When we meet our prey there is no way they wont meet their maker
We will take your brain and go insane
We'll feast on your heart thats only part of it
We'll drain you of your soul
And disembowel you of your spirit
We will lick your ego and drink of your pride
Least to say your essence will be all mine and no more
Protect your young, or a snack they will become
The chase is what we live for
The She-Wolves of Devastation, we rule this land as a pack
This is just the beginning of the destruction that we will bring 
to your front doors......

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