Friday, May 11, 2012


Strong when no one else has strength
Forced to carry the load at all times
Crying when no one is awake
So not to show weakness in front of everyone
Wisdom beyond years fore told
She brought sons and daughters into existence
What more do you think she can bare
Great Grandmother, Grand Mother, Mother
This role has been passed down generation to generation
No burdens will keep her from loving you
It's what a mother lives for to give
Love beyond the heavens that reaches and eternity
Life giver that gives life out side of their own
Esteem builder, when no one else stick around
To be your friend 
Shoulders to lean on when you are down
Comforter to calm you when you are scared
A singer to soothe your sleepy little head
A whisperer to whisper soft sounds in the air
A diamond in the ruff that's cut from the cloth of purity
A will builder to help you will your will
A pride lifter to lift you when you can no longer lift yourself
A selfless person that gives all of her and never complains
It's her duty to give when ever you need
It's her gift to love you for a life time
It's her pleasure to be who you need her to be
But most of all she is 
Your breath
Your first love
Your first kiss
Your heart
Your soul
Your spirit
Your gift to life
She is your every thing
She is your Mother...

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