Sunday, May 27, 2012

All At Once.....

So many nights I thought of you and I
We were clothed as one in each others arms
My mind carried you for years
In my heart you were something that I wouldn't let go

So many days I day dreamed of those hours
I waited at the window for you to come by
Just wanting to see your heart shine across the spaces
Your smile brightened my days
You laughter brighten my souls own glow

So many evenings I longed for your kiss
So soft and sweet oh how I miss it so
To taste your sweet words placed on mine
To feel your gentleness sway as we embrace
Oh how I long for you all day

So many times I heard your call
Too many times it didn't seem like you at all
Now that life has shown me you
I can't decide if this is a dream or really you
The desires that you conspire within me
Rages so high that it ignites the heavens ablaze

I long for that passion that you have in your eyes
I need that fire that burns in your insides
I want that life that flows through you
I desire to have you all at once i'm sure....

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