Friday, May 11, 2012

The Rocking Chair

Grandmother sits and rock
Back and forth
While the stars shine in
She tells a story of the days of old
Holding the baby close to her chest
Falling into a deep sleep
Humming as she dreams of peace
Grandmother calls for mother
To take the baby and put her to bed
All the while grandmother
Is ready to rest her head
Tired and beat from the days work
Its now time for grandmothers feet
To take a seat....
Slowly grandmother rocks
Sings a song and prays a wonderful prayer
She fades....
Life goes dim in her eyes
No more strength she is spent
Breath is exhausted from her soul
Grandmother doesnt put up a fight
This feels right
Its time that mother sits
To rock the chair at night
The morning light shines through
But.......No one knows grandmother is gone...
The chair still rocks....
Grandmother is no where in sight......