Monday, May 7, 2012

The Making of Red Fang of Vengeance

As I was getting out the car
The door shut and there was a noise
I turned around and there he was
A monster, that roared
Claws as long as nails
Teeth that hung like hooks
Eyes that pierced my soul and put so much fear
In my heart I couldn't move
I went stiff, afraid that if I moved
He would see me
No screams came from my mouth
Speechless I was
Finally I came to my senses and scream from the top of my lungs
I ran like like a bat out of hell
Oh no didn't fall
It seemed like he chased me for hours
He was toying with me
I could hear him at my heels
His breath was hot and the moisture
From his breath was on my neck 
It was thick and stale smelled of death
I knew that I didn't have a chance in the world
But I ran for my life

A hand reached out and swiped my leg knocking me over
As I tumbled to the ground
I kicked and swung
Hitting everything that I could to try and save my life from this monsters grasp
I heard him say she's a fighter shes good prey
I kicked him in his jaw and ran some more
I picked up anything I could find to throw and hit him upside the head trying to bust it to the white meat
All of a sudden I was surrounded
I couldn't count them all but I knew I had to fight or I would be dead
I fought and fought
I threw punches like I was a boxer in a ring
But this time he caught me good His nails went down my spin
An execruiating pain went down my back 
Down through my legs
It was hot, I was screaming but no one heard me
My heart was beating fast and as it got faster
I felt another sharp intense pain
Go down my chest
He was ripping me to shreds
Blood was shooting in the air
My leg was hanging
My arms were still swing fighting for life
I was choking on my own blood
My face was cover with blood
How dare he do this to me
A monster he was indeed
He bit my neck and the last thing I heard was a gurgle gurgle
Bubbles formed in my throat
And I choked
Blood flew out of my mouth as I try to stand to fight 
Trying to catch my breath
My hair was blood stained
My clothes were ripped to shreds 
My flesh looked like it was every were
Damn i'm dead was all I thought in my head
His last words were 
I'm "the Midnight Killer" I love blood and killing is what I do
I wont kill you, because you are what i'm looking for
Changing you to be one of us is what i'm aiming for
You have fight in you, strength
I've never seen anyone fight for their life like you have 
I like that, you will seek me out when the time is right
As I faded out there was no more light..

It's cold and I couldan't see a thing
Where the hell am I..
I opened my eyes and to my surprise 
I hear voices coming from inside
Such a shame that she was torn to shreds like this
Wait i'm alive help me help me
No one could hear me you see
I was speaking only to myself in my mind
I've gone insane and i'm imagining all of this
Shit i'm in a morgue!!!
I could hear heart beats and pulses
My arms began to move 
My legs followed
I got off the table and stretched
Hmmmm, I'm feeling strength I never had before
I looked in the mirror on the wall
Damn you got really tall
Look at those muscles that have formed
Legs curvy, chest stout and sitting up right
My face is flawless and lips are full
I'm beautiful...
I thought to myself

All of a sudden my body started to twitch
Pain ran through my body
It hurt so bad I thought I was being cut open again
I feel to the floor and screamed for what seemed to be and eternity
My body was changing
My legs got even bigger and stronger
My hands and stomach formed muscles I didn't even know I had
My shoulders and chest awww man was set so high
My face protruded and teeth began to get sharp and long
My eyes turned blood shot red
Damn now that's hot
I started thinking what is going on

Then I remembered the monster called "The Midnight Killer"
He was a werewolf and now he has changed me into one to
That bastard, it would have been nice if he asked me first
His ass is in for it now
Retaliation is what im going after
I will rip him from limb to limb
I hope he doesn't have any friends
I am a werewolf, now I need a name
My name shall be Red Fang of Vengeance

Whats that I smell
Oh it smells so sweet, my heart starts to pound
The sound is getting closer and closer
Let me hide and take her by surprise
I will sneak up behind her
Take all that I need and hide the rest for later
She came in the room and I was on her so quick she never knew what hit her
No sound came from her mouth
I broke her neck snapped it right in two
Her arms were first oh the blood that dripped from my lips
The legs were next you can imagine what I did to the rest
Devoured it like it was my last
Blood was every where
My hands my face, my torso
I ran through the window of the morgue
Left nothing there that showed I was suppose to be dead

I will seduce you in the day
While stalking you and making you my prey
I will bait you and bring you out in the night
Where I will stalk you and bring you to your demise
Don't be surprised
Yeah it was all a game and I have no shame
Whether it be in the midnight hour
Or by the moon lights power
I come smoothly and swiftly through the woods floor
The world is my play ground and I aim to rule it
I seek to tame my thirst
But in the mean while I will quench my thirst

I am a werewolf by default
Mercy I will not give
Death will be in arms reach for whom ever is out in the night hour
There will be a new meaning to living for an eternity
I seek to destroy life as we know it...
I must seek out my creator
Will I do harm or will I seek out alliance....

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